Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Megurine Luka at Pinoy Otaku Encore

Hello dolls!~^o^~I'm back with another update!:)
2 days ago, I attended Pinoy Otaku Encore at Sm Megamall.This is the first event they had and surprisingly it was a successful one! I'm happy for them!^^  A lot of people attended and there are lots of new cosplayers who joined the contest as well. ~^o^~ And  that includes me :P hihi

Before I continue this blog post, I'd like to thank the following people.
 Devangelic Shop- My sponsor for this lovely Megurine Luka outfit *o*
                             Cosplay Network Philippines- for the pictures :)
                             Jumpshot Phothography- for these amazing pictures.
                           Vocaloid Pilipinas- For helping me during the event. The members of this group are really friendly and helpful They are very approachable too! I like them.^.^
                             Pinku Pirates- My very own shop.~ for my wig and lensesx3
 This cosplay convention was very exciting for me because my Luka costume was done and prepared.So after knowing that,I wasn't able to sleep the night before the event x3
Megurine Luka was one of the characters I wanted to cosplay,  I hope I could get a good photo shoot for this character since I really really love Luka.,I want to have as many nice pictures as I can~<3
I want to have my own dslr soon so I could take great pictures of myself  x3 lulz!

Here are some of the pictures my mom had taken~:3 She's my official photographer during that time.haha
I've met some new friend~ :3 I think she's pretty ^^
Ate Monica~ She's really nice and very humble :) I like her.
 x3 lulz!~This shot is cool right? It was my idea :P
My free Megurine Luka chibi pics :3
 whoah!!! *o* these 2 are really cute :3
I had to bend down a little coz they're so little :)
 Ok, here's a picture of one of the costumes I wish to cosplay someday.;)
Not the exact same character but I wanted something like this. Because I think it suits my character than to cosplay girly-girl characters.x3
 It was really nice to see some people who cosplayed League of Legends Champions.
This was actually one of my plans.I wanted to cosplay my favorite character.It is not someone sexy...
It's the cutest of them all ~It's Teemo!XD

Shaco- One of the worst enemy I had in LOL~ I just hate this character so much..x3
But I like the guy who cosplayed this character coz it was awesome!
 Chopper *o*
 Kurama!!!*o*!!! -one of my favorite Yu Yu Hakusho character.
 Male Black Rock Shooter characters~:)
 Yohohoho~ ^o^ Omg! He's too cool!!!
I really really love this cosplay!x3
The last but not the least picture I chose to be posted on my blog...
 A picture with Janice Hung :) ~I don't know so much about her but some people told me she's popular?x3
I'm not really after that ~but  even she's not.she's really sumexy, I think she would be a great cosplayer.^o^
If you want to see more pictures of this cosplay event, please visit my blog fan page.

Btw, I wanted to share with you my first ever cat walk x3 haha!:D It's very short though.
I'm too shy to walk around for too long... XD

Hope you enjoyed my post!:) Till next time

Have a great day!^o^


Monday, November 14, 2011

Ame Monogatari~Cosplay Con 2011

Hi dolls!.♥ ~
Hooray for a new blog update!^^ Finally had time to post it :3
Two weeks ago, I attended the UP Ame's cosplay convention which was held at World Trade Center Manila.I arrived very early (around 6am I think?@_@)and I'd say that it was very cheapo of them to not turn on the air conditioner... It was burning~HOT inside the building.XD They finally opened the air conditioner a few hours later, and it was freezing cold after that :P lulz!
The event was well organized. The stage,booths, and the space is really big too.I wish it's always like this on every events.:P
I'm supposed to cosplay as Megurine Luka of Vocaloid, but unfortunately my costume was not made in time so I dressed up walolita for that event.x3 The costume was sponsored by Devangelic.It was very nice of them to dress me up on that day.:3 I really love the costumes they make.
I really enjoyed Ame's convention because there's a lot of cosplayers who came on this event.I've met some new cosplayers and I made some new friends too ~^.^~ I'm also happy that I've met some of  friends my friends facebook in real life.:D  Here's some of the pictures, I wanted to take more pictures of other cosplayers but I wasn't able to leave the booth.xD
Stocking is really cute.Isn't she?:)
My date...:3 lulz!
*o*Boa Hancock of One Piece~ Kyaaaaa I'm a fan of this character.
I posed together with the cool looking Gakupo and female kaito :3

Here's a short video of the event .A friend posted it on my wall.Enjoy!

If you're wondering what else I'm doing at this late hour?@_@ well uhm, I'm still watching "The Walking Dead" at the moment, and was  reading othe blog posts while waiting for my downloads.x3  I'm going to watch now,so see you all on my next post.:)


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Pinku Hair! :D

Hello everyone!:) It's been such a long time since the last time I opened my blog.
Even though I wanted to update it everyday, There is nothing new for me to share, that is why I can't think of something to write up.XD

Anyways, There's a really huge change in my hair :D If you've already read my old blog posts, you would know that one of my biggest wish is to have a real pink hair! And it's too hard for me to get it because we don't have a good salon here in my place. If there are good ones, they were still unable to get the hair color and hair style that I wanted. I spent a lot of my savings before but I went home with a different hair color such as orange,red, or brown... ugh!>.<
I tried to dye my hair last month, again... it was a FAILURE!... I bought hair dyes and bleaches.The sales lady told me that with that hair dye- I could get the hair color that I wanted..but it turned out that it was a lie. huhu -.- I got ripped off. ~My hair turned orange brown XD
 A friend of mine, Stephie~ I owe her a LOT!:) I always see her change her hair color so I asked her some few tips. She suggested that I get Manic Panic. But because we don't have this hair product here, I had to buy this online.. I got this for only 1k. BUT guess what,  this thing really works!:D

for those who are wanting to have a pink hair then try Manic Panic.I'm recommending it.Many american celebrities used this  hair color ^^ so it's tested.:))
My hair color before applying the pink dye :)
I'm Nami of One Piece!:D
I waited two hours... :D and....
Tadah! Picture spam!;)
Maybe a few more washes and my hair color will be lighter. Well, I like it whatever happens to it as long as it's still PINK :P lulz! I'm really  happy with the result. ~^.^~
I was so happy that I wasn't able to sleep XD Lulz!!! 
A picture taken by me. :)) It reminds me of " The Walking Dead" hehe
So lately, I started watching the popular show of today , The Walking Dead.
It's really awesome!So I'm suggesting that you guys should try watching it too!^^
Ice cream..and crepes +_+ I want them now! This pictures I took last week, makes me want to go back to Cafe Breton again.. :3 yummeh *drools over the picture X3 

Ok, anyway I am ending my post with a cute bunneh picture ^.^~my bro's pet. hehe

Have a great day everyone!:)



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