Friday, October 14, 2011

Super Pinku Haul~ Diary Update

ho ho ho~ It's super PiNKU update today!^o^
I'm happy that my internet connection is back. ^-^ I don't think I could live my life with no internet connection.I have experienced how boring it was to live a life with no Facebook, No games , and No blog for 5 days T_T. ~.~ It was a torture! ~ specially for someone like me who doesn't like going out.XD

Back to Pinku update...:) I've got a few pink beauty products to share.:)
First is the new facial foam from Etude House. ^o^It has a sweet berry scent that I'm loving~ :3
I'm sure you would want to grab some of this on your next EH visit ;)
 I also got, a pinku lips makeup sponge. The color reminds me of  the beauty blender sponge, although the shape is different.:P I don't think it matters since they have the same purpose :3 + It's cheaper than beauty blender.XD
It's really soft!:3
 a sister presento~ from Marks and Spencer
I'm recommending this lotion ^.^ It smells so good and makes the skin soft without  a sticky feeling.:3
haha I really hate lotion's that does that!XD
perfume :3
Tomato blusher~ One of the products that I love from Nichido.
 Pen eyeliner from Maybelline. My second pen.It's faster and easier to use this kind of  eyeliner but this doesn't last that long compared to when I use Etude House liquid eye liner.
 Pirate eye patches! :D harr harrr!!! I've been wanting this for a long time now, I'm glad a tailor friend made me some :3
 ^o^ Macaroons earrings :3 cute right?
a Cat's Paw!~^o^~ Nyan! 
Oh and btw guys, I haven't shared with you that last time, I have won the Harajuku Lovers Perfume in an auction during cosmania anime con.It made me really happy because I couldn't purchase this online since sephora doesn't ship in my place.And I don't want to spend a lot on the shipping fee if ever they do.:3

If you're wondering how much I got this for...19 usd!!! :P + this is original ok.

I wanted to get more perfumes, but on the second day of auction, I was busy working that I wasn't able to check if the next auction for Harajuku perfume has started. x.x
 lucky because they have auctioned the perfume I've been wanting !^.^ BABY~
It smells like vanilla~:3
Wondering what I've been doing today?:3 Well, I'm relaxing and preparing for the next cosplay-which is tomorrow. Nuotaku~ I have no idea how to go there yet ,so I'm bring my mom with me. haha:D
I will share you the pictures if I'm able to attend that cosplay con k?. :3
Today,I also arranged my makeups~ I remember how I started, just one makeup palette I practiced, and tried to copy Michelle Phan's tutorial. She was my inspiration :3 hihi
This isn't a big collection yet, but I'm loving what I have right now ^o^ I wanted to collect more eye shadows and foundations next time. I'm also planning to get  a better and  branded makeup brushes.:3 
Right now I want that Pink Sigma brush set XD
Hello again!^o^
This is the continuation of my last post.Cosplay Mania Day 2 :3
I'm happy to received comments, that they enjoyed looking at the pictures.^_^
I will try to blog more about cosplays. I'm trying to be active on attending cosplay cons, because I love seeing my favorite characters!^_^ Btw, my pink wig arrived, So maybe on my next following post you'll see my character. Guess who's anime character I will cosplay as?;)

I'm happy to see one of my favorite character. Juvia from Fairy Tail!^o^
She's one of the characters I plan to cosplay :3 hihi
 Some friends came by ^.^ they're so kawaii :>
more pics :) enjoy!
 One of my favorite Anime :) Spirited Away
No face,Haku , Chihiro and totoro :) a really great cosplay!:D
 omg this guy, looked like a real pirate!XD 
 Gomu Gomu no.... CANNON!:3
 Vivi! from Final Fantasy :)
I think she's a collector of ball jointed dolls :> 
 Adorable harajuku fashion :>
 I really like their colorful outfits :3
Thank you for dropping by my blog guys !^.^

I hope you enjoyed my long update post 

Until next time :)


Monday, October 10, 2011

Cosmania Day 1

Hi guys! It seems that I really don't have time for my blog anymore T.T
I got really busy with cosplay events, and it takes so much of my time.XD
Btw, I wanted to publish this post last week, but I'm having problem with my internet connection.x.x
I miss playing my games huhu T_T I'm starting to hate Globe connection.

My blog post will be short today, I just want to update my blog just so you guys would know that I haven't abandoned this site.XD
So last week I've attended Cosplay Mania  :D OMG it was crowded, It was a very successful event.However, I will complain a little on how the booth's were organized. The organizer doesn't know how to place the booths in a better location.It sucks XD 
Here are just some of the cosplayer who happened to passed by the booth.:D
I wanted to take more pics but I'm too busy selling XD
I'm lovin  his cosplay. I wanted to borrow that bunny ears XD
Steam Punk Miku Hatsune and Kaito. They said, it's their own version of vocaloid.:P
Waaa Domo :3
cool shinigami right?:3
I'm jealous of this White Rock Shooter XD I've been wanting to cosplay this character for a long time now.
One thing that caught my attention...
Her vampire teethXD 
Leon :3 My all time favorite game character
annnd Aries of Fairy Tail.

 I wanted to upload more pics and share here, but the connection that I'm using right now is not stable :<
So I will update this blog as soon as my connection is back.
I miss blogging x.x and reading beauty and make up tutorials.I'm sorry for not visiting your blogs for awhile guys XD

Day 2 to be posted soon :)

Have a great day!:D



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