Friday, September 9, 2011

Review:Bihada Ichizoku Makeup Remover

Hello dolls!:)
Having a hard time removing your makeup?I'll share with you how I remove mine.;)

You already know how hard it is to remove makeup like liquid eyeliners, mascara, and foundation. It sticks to your skin and can't be removed by just water and ordinary facial foams.>.<

So, I do really suggest that you use makeup removers as it makes easier for you to remove your makeup.Specially on the eye area, The skin around it is sensitive.Removing your eye makeup with just soap and water is not good enough.Rubbing it will just smudge it more and making it harder for you to remove it.

Using Bihada Ichizoku makeup remover~What I do is, I squeeze a little bit of  it on a cotton ball, and gently apply it on my eyes. I wait a little bit until the makeup softens and finally wipe it.I really love this product because it removes it faster than any other method I did before.

For my face, I apply some product on my finger tips and massage it on to my face in circular motion until the makeup comes off.I wash my face with water and facial foam.Then I apply a moisturizer.

It is very important to remove your makeup to prevent skin problems. Like clogged pores,pimples, rashes and other skin allergies.I have a sensitive skin, So I'm working on how I could prevent myself from having skin problems. I'm glad that I didn't had any allergic reaction to this product:)

There are many types of makeup removers, just use whichever you think works best for you.^^

I know it's harder to remove makeup on the face than on arms,just to show you how this product works...

I swatched my makeup pallet on my arm.
And then I applied the makeup remover.
with just one swipe
Notice how fast the eye shadows comes off quickly and easily?
I used another cotton to remove the rest.
Where to buy?: This is a popular product from Japan, and a very popular online product too!
It's not available in the place where I live in but you can buy it online!:)
Oh you can buy this in Sasa ~

Price:$20 +shipping fee~ But I tell you what, It's worth it! The product is 150g. I think It will last you long.
I saw a shop in hongkong that sells it for 99hkd I think.I'm not really sure but I do remember I saw a shop that sells it for that price.

Is it worth it?: Yes!!! It removes makeup faster and easier.This product contains 15 herbal extracts!It does softens and moisturizes your skin after use.haha!I am recommending it :)) 

Smell: hmm.. It says, it smells like lavender ~ but for me it smells like a medicinal herb.XD I don't really like products that have scent on it, that's the only thing i'm complaining about.It's not so bad though.=)

I love this product!If I don't, I wouldn't even bother blogging about it :P

Hope that helps if you're looking for this kind of product;)

Have a great day!



shortylegsbeauty said...

Wow seems like a wonderful product :)
For many years I had huge problems finding a good makeup remover, but I found one from Yves Rocher that is amazing :)

Btw, just found your blog and I must say I love it loads :) So cute :)

Nelah said...

I have yet to venture out and try MAC eyeshodow. They do look pretty good and I am sure they are as good as they look. I love their foundation and powder so far.

*My Chanel inspired look*

(^o^) Vane *0* said...

very good article that reminds me grabbing a few months to buy some very good products online at and I came quickly and without problems


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