Monday, September 5, 2011

League of Legends~Get Addicted!

Hello everyone sorry for being inactive lately...I found a new game to play.
I quit playing games  a long time ago but then I have found my new addiction that is making me busy all day~.~ lulz!~ It's League Of Legends.:D

And since I love this game so much, I want to share it :P

I started this game a month ago and now I am already lvl 24. The highest lvl here
is 30 but it's not really hard to level up.. Actually in this game, levels doesnt matter.What matters here is how you play the game.It all depends on your skills and of course team work.
Having runes and right set up of mastery gives you an advantage too.

This game is really popular, It's like Dota~ 
Basically the game is about killing the other team's base, and defending your own base.
if you want to know more about this game please read-> x

The thing that I love about this game are the characters ^-^
They have really cute character!So I'm trying to buy and collect all of them.
There are more champions that I want to buy. So far this is what I got.

The first character I ever got is 
Morgana theFallen Angel
They said that she is hard to play, and yet she is the very first champion I got.She is tough^^
Second is Annie~The Dark Child
she has fire spells and summons a big teddy bear :3 she's so cute!XD  but also deadly.
Then I bought Janna~ The Storm's Fury
she really reminds me of Storm from Xmen XD
She summons a tornado and she's a healer too.
Irelia~The Will of the Blades
She's a really cute character that I've been wanting to have,So I got her even she's expensive.
But after playing it.I noticed that I am not really good with melee characters.I keep on dying.>.<
Lux~The lady of Luminosity
I love her spells.:) She hits hard ^^ ~ and fun to play
 Teemo ~The Swift Scout
waaa this is my most favorite!^.^ he's really cute
my bf bought me a bunny skin made me want to play this character more hehe.
Sona~ Maven of the Strings
I bought her just because she looks like Miku of Vocaloid! lulz XD
But I realized I wasted my money because after playing so many damage dealer characters, I don't want to come back to support characters who only does is heal.XD
anyway, If you're a gamer and would like to try this game ^^
please click on the picture below to register and download the game :))
Tell me If you will try this game and maybe we could team up too ;))

Have a great day everyone!



Lina Kim ♥ said...

wooh how nostalgic, I played this game looong time ago. but I was too addicted to DotA and and even until now, I'm one of DotA avid player. >.< ahaha... do you play DotA too?

Mutsumi said...

Ah, I would love to play MMORPGs again, but there's no time ;O; ♥ do you know Fiesta? It was my favorite online game ♥ and some of my friends are in love with AION

Hello Naka said...

awh cute characters my cousins play this game but im not a big gamer XD


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