Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Best Of Anime Day 2

Hello everyone!
I just celebrated my birthday 2 days ago~ and that would be my excuse for not updating my blog?:P haha* I had a little party with my family, we hanged out together which rarely happens, so it really made me happy to be with them..:3 Anyway, I promised on my last post that I'll be sharing the 2nd day of Best of Anime pictures here so here's my post about it.:)
I really enjoyed the place and the setup where BOA was held.It was held at SMX which is larger and better place for cos players to roam around. Photographers gets great pictures because the lighting is good:3 compared to SM megamall that has the cheapest lighting+ not enough airconditioner so its verry hot inside. hehe ~ well enough with the complaints x3 Here are just some of the pics I got.
(I am planning to buy a dslr so I could get better pics too. I wanted a pink one, and so far canon haven't released that kind of color, they do have the red one though.:3) 
I liked how this woman dressed up with short kimono and boots, I have no idea who she is cosplaying  as though.:3
This is the first type I've seen Miku and Rin's nurse outfit cosplay.They look really cute!:3
waa for some reason I forgot who's this character again XD
hehe for the 2nd day I dressed up as mini mouse.:3 I know you would say that I didn't have the makeup that I supposed to make~ mini mouse black nose.I was worried that If i put makeup on my nose I would start sneezing.XD lulz! ( I have an allergy)XD
I followed chibiusa around to take a picture of her :3 luls so kawaii!
Also, I really love pink so I would really take a picture of herXD
Bulma and Ulong from Dragon Ball Z!!! awesome!:3
And some more DBZ characters~:3 I rarely see this cosplayers during cons so I'm happy to meet them.^^
 One of my favorite character of Yuyu Hakusho~ Mukuro.The idea of cosplaying him with the mask is kakoii.:3 
she looks really cool with her big scissors.:3 I forgot what anime this is though
 o.o this one is kowaii >.< but thumbs up for this cosplayer who did it really good.
I really went to see what's going on the stage when it became crowded.
I heard Mr.2 Bon Clay's music playing  on the back ground, I really went there to see this cosplayer.
This is probably one of the coolest cosplayer for me XD why?
It's because I love those cosplayers who could cosplay funny characters :P
characters who are not kawaii XD lulz!
Servant Archer of Fate Stay Knight. I like the idea of how he made his sword.
Inuyasha :3 Dog and mouse lol XD
oohh btw, I have won a gachapon :3 I have also won the auction of Harajuku lover's perfume.
I will talk about it on my next post.:3
Michael Jackson of Plant's vs. Zombies.:3 he's so cool!
I had a good sales on my 2nd day~ and here are just some pics of cosplayers who passed by the booth :3
omigosh I love her cosplay :3 I want to wear this kind of armor too :3
It was tiring and exhausting day but it's all worth it to see your favorite characters walking around :P
The cosplay here in the Philippines is getting popular, and it gets better and better. Many cosplayers put  lots of effort on making their costumes. I hope to see more awesome cosplayers on the next con~ 3 days left! weee!!!~^.^~

Ok I'm going back to watching my One piece :3 Ja ne~


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Best of Anime 2011

Arigato Tjag for the pic ^_^
Hello dolls! Wow, I've read so many nice blog posts today. It's been awhile since I updated mine, so I'm taking the chance now to write up something while I'm not lazy. hehe :D I'm going to blog about what had happened during my weekend.:3
So I was invited to go to another cosplay convention by my friends~The Weeeboo cosplayers. I haven't seen them for months so I really went to meet up with them even though I don't have any prepared costume to wear.XD The easiest character to cosplay is chii from the anime Chobits since I already have her persocom ears, I just had to dress up with a pink  lolita dress,wear a blonde wig and viola~ I'm ready for the con!:D

One of my favorite booth was there.The Harajuku Lover's ~:3 I've been wanting to buy this perfume for a long time now.This is available at Sephora~I actually missed the opportunity to buy the perfume with the bento box makeup, they only have that  promotion for a short time.:(
Anyway, Here are just some picture ~^.^~ enjoy!
My friends love to cosplay DC characters:)) Maybe I'll try to join them sometime.:)
Any suggestion of a DC character that will be good to cosplay?:P
Poison Ivy
Scare crow
 :3 retouch~
 Btw, I forgot to mention~ This time I'm not just a cosplayer/con goer.They have given me a spot in the booth to sell my products.:D How good is that?:3 and I'm happy that my friends supported me. It's actually my dream~I'm a cosplayer merchant :3 haha! Here are just some of the cool cosplayers who happen to pass by the boot~:3 I can't help but to take a picture of them. I can't concentrate on selling.XD lulz!
And of course I will not forget to take pictures of these cute action figures :3
nyaaaaan! I wish I have a lot of these ~^.^~ 
I have more pictures to share~:3 I'll try to upload them on my next post.:)
 Haha notice the difference?XD My friends telling me to crossdress :3
 How do I look like with a short wig?:P

I actually love how it looked on me lols~:3
Well that's it for now girls~ I promise to keep this blog updated.I just hope that I'll have something interesting to blog about :P hehe. Thank you for supporting and following my blog.:) It really makes me happy to see the numbers going up. I will hold a giveaway soon enough. I'm just making money for the shipping fee :P heee~

Have a great day!


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mac semi precious collection

Hi dolls!^.^ I want to share~hee
I got lucky! I have won mac semi precious collection makeup from aSoftBlackStar  ^.^
She have a really cool blog and she also sells makeup bags~etsy shop:) so you better check it out!;)
oh! I'm so in love with her pink hair!@_@ *jealous 
I've been wanting to dye my hair pinku but was scared to do it.>.<

she sent me an e-mail and I was happy to see what I have won! o.o 
These makeups are Mac limited edition and so HOT right now :D
The package didn't take that long to arrived!:) I'm really happy!^-^ heeehee
Thank you for these makeups and for the cute letter Ms Lotus ^.^ * I really do love what you sent me, even my mom liked it.XD I will definitely use these makeups for my cosplays :3

So here are the swatches:
I also included the price just in case you girls wanted to buy this.
Blue Sheen
This is my favorite one!^.^ Just look how pigmented it is!:3 LOVE!
Mineral Mode
This is my second fave!~ I will use this a LOT :3
Dark Indulgence
I really love this and it's exactly the color that I was looking for :3

I also got blushes!^_^
Warmth of Coral
Pressed Amber
 Musky Amethyst lipstick
I don't really wear dark color lipstick, but this will be hepful for my cosplay since I love cosplaying villains.
They always have dark lips right?:D

Thank you again Ms. LoTus!:) I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!:)

Well that's it!^^ I hope I'll have something to blog about again this week
I hope I get lucky and won another giveaway!XD harrharr!~;)

~I'm back to watching my one piece anime :3

Have a great day everyone!


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