Thursday, August 18, 2011

Puerto Gallera Beach~Philippines

Hello dolls!:)
I'm finally back from Puerto Gallera!.:D
We didn't really planned going here, and I didn't want too because my first time experience here was bad. It was sooooo HOT!!! and soooo crowded. 
~But I'm so glad I went with my family because  this time, it was not and I liked it!:)

So we rode a boat to go to the other island :D It took us 45 minutes to reach our destination,
But it didn't felt that long.:)
It's sooo exciting to see that were almost there!!! :D
we wanted to swim  the moment we arrived loolXD
But were starving so we ate first :D We ordered a pizza :)
We met a dog named Wowie :P
 ~a smart dog, we jthrew a stick in the sea and he chased it  and brought it ack to us o.o  He can swim too, He can also help you dig if you try to point your finger on the right?^^ I have some videos to share with you so watch them if you like.:)

haha they buried me XD
There are many souvenirs, and other native products to see there
So we looked around.
That night..
We watched some fire dance show :D they're all soo cool!^.^
There's also a lot of bars, But we don't drink so we just stayed there to watch some shows :)
The next day...
We woke up early to walk outside the beach, we tried to cross the rocks and see whats on the other side of the island, but we fail because the rocks are too slippery XD
so we just went back and ate our breakfast :D
 Daing+eggs+ fried rice=Yummy! ^.^
Snorkling time!:D
I had fun with this because we fed the fishes under the water.
And seeing how many fishes swimming around me feels so wonderful :D were so close! lulz!XD
well some of the fishes bit my hand o.o but it isn't hurtful XD
(I wish I had underwater camera so I could take a picture of it >.<)
extra pic...
I'm Robin of One Piece!:D lulz! I want to cosplay her >.< but look I got fat :/
break time...
We decided to try banana boat ride, but there were koreans who didn't let us join their group :( T.Tso sad!.Banana boat  has 10 seats.There were 8 koreans so both of me and my bf could join them, but they refused.:(
 So... we just went canoeing instead.
(try to click the picture to see how far we are!XD) the smaller boat is ours hehe.
I had a lot of fun since this is my first time doing it XD
It also scared me because the waves are getting stronger and I felt like there's something following us from below so we tried our best to come back fast to the shoreXD
and we made it just in time to watch the sunset :D
We rested for a  bit and went out to eat again XD
We ordered Dream Wave fried rice.Sounds delicious right?:D
I liked it but he didnt~ lulz!XD
We planned to ride the banana boat the next day.
but it didn't happened because he got sick!>.< unlucky!
so we just come back home. Anyway, It was fun and a very unforgettable experience for both of us :) I hope to come back there again and ride a banana boat!!! hahaha!!!

So, How was your weekend?;)
(btw it's kinda late post since I stayed there for 3 days.And they didn't have a fast connection there so I can't blog >.<) gomen~

Thanks for visiting!^^



Kiki said...

oh, that place is like a dream : 3 And that food looks sooo good! (o'v'o)

P o o p e r said...

Wow, what an amazing weekend! *__*
Ugh, I hate when people don't share things like extra seats in a boat :p I kind of see it as rude of them, but it either way canoeing seems like it was just as fun :DD

Anonymous said...

Wow looks like you guys had a lot of fun :) thanks for sharing it with us ^^

Donkuri said...

cute day! I like pizza °Q°

ankyl said...

yeah, of course;)


Clara Turbay said...

Great pictures...

Tyna said...

WoW! Your blog is so colourful and fun! Love it ^^

Hoopy Style said...

Funny photos! :) I like your blog!

I follow you. You follow me back ?

Thanks ;*

Kisses, Hoopy. <33


ankyl said...

dog is very funny:)

WindyNicky said...

wow...the scene is incredibly amazing..
like it


Pengobatan Tradisional Penyakit Asam Urat said...

wonderful beach

Anonymous said...

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