Thursday, August 11, 2011

Diary Updat~Smurfilicious Week!:D

 Hi dolls!^.^
Just a diary update~:) So yesterday we out to watch the movie Smurfs!:D
I was kind of excited to see this movie, because I only get to play this in game before
when I was younger.:P (gameboy) I liked the movie but it's lacking a bit of action.And they kind of made the movie just for the "kids" XD ~Unlike disney movies which everyone can watch it.:)
I bought my favorite combos and a yogurt mango ice cream and end up eating Ruffles in the movie because I finished my combos and ice cream just before the movie starts.^^
 we ate....
 play some claw crain~toy catcher or whatever you call this game XD
~Unlucky!!! I didn't get a mini mouse doll -.- *they're cheating!!:( (lolz)
 That made me hungry so I went back to eating again :D lulz!
 Did someone noticed I'm getting fat?:P
I really hate to say it, but I always get sick when I try to diet so I'm trying to eat more now.>.<
 For a week all I do is go out and watch movies.They are all good :D
other movies I've seen so far~
Captain America~This is awesome!I love it, but I think they made it too short, I kind of want to see more :P but they cut too many scenes I think >.<
Cowboys Vs Aliens~ This movie is really cool!~ it reminds me of the game fall out.^^ 
Rise of the Planet Apes~ woohoo! I was really happy to see this , because  I wasn't able to see the very first one they made because I'm still young when the first movie came out.
Transformers- So I watched this again for the second time because my bf haven't seen this yet.
But this time it's not in 3d anymore >.< It doesn't look as good when it's not.>.> But the movie is still awesome :D that's for sure!
Anyway, This explains my absence on blogging~XD
If you are a Narutard~They you already know who's character he is :P
So I  did this to my bf when he was sleeping XD He wokedup coz I was taking a picture.
I really woke him up because we planned to go to swimming :D
we ate the graham mango dessert that I made :D (I will share how to do it later)
Then we went home and play video games :D
The next day we attended a birthday party and this is what I wore :)
and I'm trying to do a lighter makeup too :) because sometimes I looked too anime'ish with a lot of eye linerXD
The next day... :P
We went out to eat pizza :D haha "I will share my pizza" I hope this is true lol!!!:D
well to tell you the truth...we didn't really shared the pizza!XD
he ate it all!!!XD->
me? I can only eat 2 pizza and my potaters :P hehe

well thats all for now :) 
I'll try to update more regularly:) I'm lazy lulz!XD

ohh and btw, I will be gone for 3 days :)
were going to the beach!:D woohoo!!!

see yah later guys!:)



LemonberryLulu said...

I've been getting fat recently too! Since my parents are making me work at their shops since their short on people I always eat out for lunch and sometimes dinner and theres always good stuff around, not like at home where finding some cantaloupe would be hitting the jackpot~ I need to go watch harry potter and planet of apes >.<

Lady Stardust said...

I'm having a giveaway on my blog and I'd love if you could check it out:

thanks :)


Inspirations Have I None

Anonymous said...

you are so cuute and adorable!!
again, thanks for joing the giveaway!
you are so dolly! love!

Anonymous said...

i followed you btw, let's keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

so how was the movie?

Czarina said...

Awwwhs you look like a dolly!.(:

Alba M said...

yogurt mango is my fav thing in the world lol... love the pool photos... so awesome


Clara Turbay said...

great combinations check out mines.

ankyl said...

nice blog;)

KatXoXo said...

mmmm your post makes me hungry lol!! I want brownies/pizza/mac'n'cheese now haha!! love your blue polkie dot bow!! so cute!!

kaizokumousy said...

@Lemonberry Lulu- You should watch planet of the apes it's really good!^^

@Lady STardust-sure I will ^_^

@Diane- I am also a follower of yours :) thank you ^^

@Czarina-Thank you :3

@Alba M- Thank you:3

@Clara- thanks :) sure I will^^

@Ankyl- thank you for dropping by :)

@Katxoxo-hehe thnx ^^

kaizokumousy said...

@Sophie- it was great!^^


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