Sunday, August 7, 2011

Diary Update~Let's eat pizza!:P

Hello everyone~
Wow, time passed by so fast ~Theres a lot of happenings, yet I update so late and slow~ I guess I'm just that lazy?:P I need to keep up with my post!XD

I've been busy this week because of my deliveries that why I can't post more often, It's not so bad though-And I'm not complaining. I actually love it that I'm having more costumers and friends that supports my small business.~.~ *love

So today is my rest day, I went out with my bf to relax for a little bit.:D
(Me trying to pose like a model :P and.. fail! lulz!XD)
I'm wearing this leggings~with silver studs.It looks punk and so lady Gaga~ (because it's shiny)~hehe
We bought a pizza at Yellow cab and ate it at Starbucks o.O bad right?XD haha
Were lucky because we got a free caramel frappe and coffee jelly from a friend:P
It just so happen that we saw them inside and didn't let us pay for our orders.So we decided to just hang out with them and share our pizza.:D
 After we make ourselves full, we decided to ride a boat-BUT we are too late for that, So we  just fed the fishes :)) ~ It was fun :)
hehe I recorded it :) Watch it^^

After that we bought an Ice cream.BTW This is an old fashioned ice cream cart here in the Philippines :) Sorbeteros ( ice cream vendor) uses colorful carts like this to carry ice creams to sell on streets. I don't see carts like this anymore, maybe because people can buy ice cream in stores now that we don't need vendors in streets.o.o
After that we went to a Bazaar~ I just looked around and took some pictures of these accessories. 
These slippers were made in Thailand.It's super soft and very cute.
I bought one of these ~I'll just show the picture later on my haul :)
We went home and I started blogging hehe.

now time to play some League of Legends LOL
do you know this game? It's so addicting^^ I will blog more about it later on. :)
for now, I will end this post and prepare for the battle.:P

Have a  great day guys~ and thanks for dropping by!^_^



Donkuri said...

I like pizza °Q°

Anonymous said...

you both look so cuute!

and i love the fishes!! thanks for joining the giveaway!

Mutsumi said...

Hehe, your poses are cute! xD Love the leggins ♥

The pizza looks so delicious *____________* not to speak opf the ice cream!!!

And oh I like the watches you took photos of! Were they expensive?

♥ 珊珊 Kawaii Kuromi ♥ said...

omg fishyyyyy thats so pretty!

I like ur uber cool leggings you pull it off very well!

Shan shan x

Fragancia said...

you look adorable. i want that pizza and oh my the cutie fishes love the post :) btw i like your blog,im your new follower,hope you'll follow back :)

KatXoXo said...

wow I would not want to fall in that water!! all those fishies touching me sends shivers down my spine!!


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