Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tokidoki Soda Shop Palette

Hello dolls!^_^
Weeee I finally got the limited edition toki doki soda shop palette!~^.^~
If you're a follower of my blog, you would know that I'm really addicted to Tokidoki
(and to everything that is cute *.*)
I got this one as a present :) heehee ^.^

Tokidoki always has a uverrrr superrr cuteee packaging!
In my opinion it's a really good collection~ but one thing I don't like is their price!XD
The Case is made of aluminum~
Inside, it is a really cute  cafe store design with mirror.
But~ The mirror is just for display, I can't even see myself on it. XD
They should have made it a real mirror!>,<
I got some free magnets inside!~^.^~ kawaii!!!
Inside the case, there's 12 pigmented eye shadows, 1 eye liner and a nail file.
Nail file Sandy ^^
Carina Purple Eyeliner~ I love it! It's sooo good.
Here's a close up look of  the eyeshadows.Each color has a name of a tokidoki character :D
Btw, I didn't apply a primer~ The colors are really good even without it!:)  I love it!
And I'll definitely use this for future makeup looks  that I'll be making :)) I'm excited!^.^

If you are planning to buy a present for someone, This is definitely a really cute gift!
It's pricey but it's worth the moneh!^_^

Thanks for dropping by
Have a great day!^.^



The Eriness said...

Oh wow! I love tokidoki too. And I LOVE your blog!
I have been loving tokidoki for ages, but all their items are so pricey T_T
And they still don't ship to Denmark, where I live. At least they haven't lately.

How much was the palette? :O

amanda said...

omgs SO CUTEEE!! how much did it cost!

LemonberryLulu said...

cute *-* I am a lover of tokidoki since it's cute and the quality is excellent~

Venus In Virgo said...

I love this! I got one too!
Hey, come enter my giveaway to win a Hold Me bag. i just added a video so you can see it better. XOXO

BuNnYLuverz said...

omygosh i always loved how tokidoki looked like the art and the anime girls. the pallet looks sooo pretty with theartwork on it!

kaizokumousy said...

The Eriness- Hello you can buy this at Sephora. I couldn't buy this too but a friend visited me in philippines and got me this palette,

it's $35 now.It's sale

kaizokumousy said...

@Amanda- It's $49. now it's 35 at Sephora :)

Diane CMP :) said...

wow! its so cute, i'm following! follow back?

Mei めい said...

It's so cute ! I also love Tokidoki , but its price is so expensive right ? :p
I'll be happy if you check out my blog , hehe :D

Venus In Virgo said...

Hey! I'm glad your going to participate in my giveaway challenge! I can't wait to see the photo you send.Good Luck XOXO

나니 said...

OWWW such a cute palette! :''D

Chococcuro said...

Wow quite impressive for something so gimicky! I love tokidoki!!

JesRoque said...

Cuteness overload!!!

KatXoXo said...

tokidoki always has such cute packaging!!

~+~ Chai ~+~ said...

Wow! I also fond of Tokidoki. I wish to get this palette too. Gorgeous! Luv it! (^_^)


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