Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fake Mac Glitters O.O

 I know!!! This is fake! XD
My mom bought some glitters for me knowing that I love makeup and stuffs.But she didn't know what she bought was a fake!XD There is actually a way of telling the difference between the original Mac and the fake ones. Just look at the:
You can find it on google ;)
Too bad my mom doesn't know so much about makeups, but It's ok.I still love what she got me:)

Anyway, I'm not planning on throwing this glitters, as I can still use it right?
I know there's a huge difference between the orignal  mac glitter- as it is fine and smooth. This one, is more chunky and rough. But I'm still keeping it since it's not bad to use it for some makeup looks I'm going to make. :3
Uhm and let me share with you how my little store at home looks like. I've had request of this pic before but I wasn't able to post it up. It's messy *blush >.<
yet Sooo PINK!XD
 I'm still cleaning right now because I have a visitor from the US that is coming over
here tomorrow :P woohoo!!!~ guess who?XD
~.~ I want to make another makeup look, or a makeup tutorial.
What do you think dolls?:)

Have a great day guys!~^.^~


FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Too bad about them being fake MAC but they still look like really nice glitters.
How does one shop at your store? It looks so cute.

♥Bunny♥ said...

Oh wow, I didn't know they made fake ones too! I've heard of fake MAC eyeshadows but not glitter! x_X;; that's why I'm so scared to buy make-up other than from the store ><
your store is amazing! It's soooo PINK!! Love it!

Anonymous said...

They looks so real! LOL! Love your blog, hey will you check out mine? If you follow I would be happy to return the favor!

Mutsumi said...

I'm glad you're keeping the make would have been cruel if you would throw them away!!

Haha and I like your kind of messy looking shop xDDD♥ I want that stuff!!

Asuka said...

I'll forever support you, no matter what look you do ^-^ hehe
the pictures are so cool and that's so nice of your mother, though it's fake. I really think you cn use them for good and create beautiful thing with it =)

!♥ m i m i said...

Woah you have your own store?! Lucky :D

And yes to the hair tutorial! You are number one guru ^-^ I always enjoy seeing your looks.

I didn't know.. Mac sold glitteres =_____= FAIL. I'm not into .. i guess, makeup? I only can do foundation, eyeliner, and eyeshadow anyway. I can't even contour my face D:



P.S. $25 giveaway to Apothica (an online cosmetics boutique) on my blog!

Mickey said...

If you can still use it for something keep it.

Do a tutorial.I love them.

Please visit blog.

Janel said...

Sayang nga naman kung itatapon mo lang hehe. Love your store ^_^!!

LemonberryLulu said...

I love glitter xD I like sprinkling some of my eye makeup but I always end up knocking them off :/ I didn't know you had a store at home...?

Jodie said...

Whooop, I'm sure even though it's fake, it still works just as well P: and omgggg! i love your house~ so pink ^w^

Camille said...

I really like your blog, its pink, and pink is always amasing! + a littel glitter works every time!!! XD
take a look ;)

さくらガール said...

THe glitter looks so great!!! I really love it, even if its fake.


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