Friday, July 29, 2011


 It's been awhile since the last time I attended a kid's birthday party,
So I got all excited at my nephew's XD Well, I like it because I get to be a kid too at this kind
of parties,Like...I don't have to worry  about what clothes to wear, or how I would look like.
I could be who I want-> for this day~ I am a PInk Fox! @_@

I just don't understand my brother,>.> He keeps on complaining  about me taking a long time to
prepare and put on makeup >.> well bro... makeup is an art, U can't rush it + you can't rush girls :P  U know what? I can't say this directly to him so I just wrote it down here :P haha!>:D
So yeah I get to wear my pink wig too~^.^~
Lucky them,I could be their mascot since they don't have one.Lulz!
I also invited my cousin and a friend of mine to dress up with me.XD
Glad they're up for it!:P heee~ 
We looked like were going to scare the kids lulz!XD
You know what else I love about kids party?^^
theres always chocolate fountain!~:P marshmallows and cookies are d best! hehe
 I hope I  won't get chunky from eating many of it>.< hmm I can't eat this actually, I'm on a diet!!!
~Diary Update~
Speaking of diet, I've been trying this cereal,but I gave up! Guess I can't live without rice!XD
 I still eat oatmeal :D It's yummier!XD hee~
Though I noticed that eating small meals, made me gain more weight than when I eat many O.o 
sight* I just don't understand my body anymore. Guess aging sucks so much, when I'm starting to notice changes in my body!XD lulz!
What Do You LIke about KIDS PARTY?:)

Thanks for dropping by cutie :)



Asuka said...

you look cute as always ^-^
I'm not that into kids in general, so I just love these parties without the kids xD Making any sense? I don't think so hehe
But you are right, you can wear whatever you want, little kids don't judge you and for them it's only the fun that matters =)

Lina Kim ♥ said...

awe pink wig! soo cute, I've been wanting to buy pink wigs too^^

Anonymous said...


Kiki said...

I love your clothes! That ribbon is so sweet (o^-^o)

M.W. said...

aww you are so cute!

Harumi said...

WOOOOOOOOOOW cute coord.!!! and so lovely :3
xDDDDD my brother and boyfriend say the same with make up and hairstyle..boys... they don't know anything x).


Anonymous said...

wooow your outfit is sooo cute! *-*

Venus In Virgo said...

OMG! So CUTE! I love your tail ;)
Thanks for the submission, you can send your photo to

Venus In Virgo said...

The first comment messed up, so here it is again. Send photo to
thanks! XOXO

Olga said...

You are so cute and funny! Love your style:)

just Jennifer :3 said...

you look so cuteee <333
lovee your blog * ^* new followerr :3


MayClover said...

Wow cute style, I totally love it<3
Your blog is so cute xx

KatXoXo said...

aww looks like you had fun :)


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