Friday, July 29, 2011


 It's been awhile since the last time I attended a kid's birthday party,
So I got all excited at my nephew's XD Well, I like it because I get to be a kid too at this kind
of parties,Like...I don't have to worry  about what clothes to wear, or how I would look like.
I could be who I want-> for this day~ I am a PInk Fox! @_@

I just don't understand my brother,>.> He keeps on complaining  about me taking a long time to
prepare and put on makeup >.> well bro... makeup is an art, U can't rush it + you can't rush girls :P  U know what? I can't say this directly to him so I just wrote it down here :P haha!>:D
So yeah I get to wear my pink wig too~^.^~
Lucky them,I could be their mascot since they don't have one.Lulz!
I also invited my cousin and a friend of mine to dress up with me.XD
Glad they're up for it!:P heee~ 
We looked like were going to scare the kids lulz!XD
You know what else I love about kids party?^^
theres always chocolate fountain!~:P marshmallows and cookies are d best! hehe
 I hope I  won't get chunky from eating many of it>.< hmm I can't eat this actually, I'm on a diet!!!
~Diary Update~
Speaking of diet, I've been trying this cereal,but I gave up! Guess I can't live without rice!XD
 I still eat oatmeal :D It's yummier!XD hee~
Though I noticed that eating small meals, made me gain more weight than when I eat many O.o 
sight* I just don't understand my body anymore. Guess aging sucks so much, when I'm starting to notice changes in my body!XD lulz!
What Do You LIke about KIDS PARTY?:)

Thanks for dropping by cutie :)


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tokidoki Soda Shop Palette

Hello dolls!^_^
Weeee I finally got the limited edition toki doki soda shop palette!~^.^~
If you're a follower of my blog, you would know that I'm really addicted to Tokidoki
(and to everything that is cute *.*)
I got this one as a present :) heehee ^.^

Tokidoki always has a uverrrr superrr cuteee packaging!
In my opinion it's a really good collection~ but one thing I don't like is their price!XD
The Case is made of aluminum~
Inside, it is a really cute  cafe store design with mirror.
But~ The mirror is just for display, I can't even see myself on it. XD
They should have made it a real mirror!>,<
I got some free magnets inside!~^.^~ kawaii!!!
Inside the case, there's 12 pigmented eye shadows, 1 eye liner and a nail file.
Nail file Sandy ^^
Carina Purple Eyeliner~ I love it! It's sooo good.
Here's a close up look of  the eyeshadows.Each color has a name of a tokidoki character :D
Btw, I didn't apply a primer~ The colors are really good even without it!:)  I love it!
And I'll definitely use this for future makeup looks  that I'll be making :)) I'm excited!^.^

If you are planning to buy a present for someone, This is definitely a really cute gift!
It's pricey but it's worth the moneh!^_^

Thanks for dropping by
Have a great day!^.^


Monday, July 18, 2011

Ria Koakuma's Love Mail♥

Hello girls !^.^
Something came in the mail this week ~^.^~  It's a love package from Ria.I have won her giveaway.I thought the prize got lost in the mail, so I had to contact the post office,~ & a month later this finally arrived!^^ woot!~

Check out her cute blog -> Ria KoaKuma
 It's really sweet of her to send me a cute letter too!^^
Ria Thank you for this too~ the stuffs are uberrr kawaii!!!^.^ I love them~
 Here's what I've got~
Sumexy top :P Cute~ ^^
 Dolly Wink No. 2
 Decodens~ Pinku!!!^.^
 Keychain and Lush Lip gloss
 small bag
 Stickers and stationery 

I have so many things to share this week ~^.^~ sorry for the lack of update
but I'm supeeerrr BUSY!!!O.O

Have a great day!^.^


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fake Mac Glitters O.O

 I know!!! This is fake! XD
My mom bought some glitters for me knowing that I love makeup and stuffs.But she didn't know what she bought was a fake!XD There is actually a way of telling the difference between the original Mac and the fake ones. Just look at the:
You can find it on google ;)
Too bad my mom doesn't know so much about makeups, but It's ok.I still love what she got me:)

Anyway, I'm not planning on throwing this glitters, as I can still use it right?
I know there's a huge difference between the orignal  mac glitter- as it is fine and smooth. This one, is more chunky and rough. But I'm still keeping it since it's not bad to use it for some makeup looks I'm going to make. :3
Uhm and let me share with you how my little store at home looks like. I've had request of this pic before but I wasn't able to post it up. It's messy *blush >.<
yet Sooo PINK!XD
 I'm still cleaning right now because I have a visitor from the US that is coming over
here tomorrow :P woohoo!!!~ guess who?XD
~.~ I want to make another makeup look, or a makeup tutorial.
What do you think dolls?:)

Have a great day guys!~^.^~

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I have won a Sigma Flat Top Kabuki!:D

Hi dolls!~^.^~
Woohoo! I'm happy today~ my prize finally arrived:D 
I have recently won a giveaway from MissKatv !  Thank you Miss Kat ^.^
~I was pleasantly surprised how fast my package arrived! O.O
(I have won other giveaways, but it's been already 2 months and I haven't received anything yetXD)

Anyways, here's what I've got~

A Sigma F80-Flat Kabuki Brush! ~^.^~
 It's very thick and really soft!:) I love it!!!
 I will definitely use this with the future makeup looks that I will be making :) 
I haven't used or tried this brush so I will make a review of it later on ~^.^~
But I already love love love this brush :D
I have read good reviews about it, so I know for  sure this is a good product.

Thanks for dropping by~Have a great day!:)


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Diary Update~Haul

 Hi dolls!^.^
Just a quick small haul post. :) My sis just came back from JP, so I took a pic of some stuffs she got me.Wee and now I also have a uniform from jp ^.^ A real one!I just forgot to take a pic, You'll just see me wear it one of these days~ hehe.:D
I really love this ~*.*~
some stockings~ I'm collecting lots of this!
This red one is really cute :3
Just some stuffs I got for myself~
This gloves have printed skulls on it which I really like :D
Dead Master's Scythe
Kakashi's gloves :)
 Leaf Head protector
 And here are just stuffs I borrowed from a friend.:)
Maybe you'll have an idea what makeup look I'll be making soon.^.~
~Diary Update~
 The other night my brother picked me up so we could watch Transformers.
It ishhh Awesome!!! Although I really miss Megan Fox.I like her better ~*.*~
Outside~ There's a lot of Transformer toy collection.
I don't really collect robots XD ofc... But I think it's a great collection ^^
Anime update
Recently I got addicted on watching Fairy Tail.^_^
Have you seen this anime? 
I really LOVE IT!!!~ The story, the characters, the weapons ,armors, & magic.
Everything is new!:) And the story is unique. They also change clothes :) Which I really like coz I get tired seeing the same clothers over and over for the entire episode lolz.
I just hope that they release the new episode faster.XD I can't waiT!
So while waiting for the fairy tail Episode, I'm currently watching
Princess Lover~ It's cute :))
 Well that's it~ :) I hope I could update my blog more often.XD
Thanks for dropping bY~
Have a great day!^^ 



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