Thursday, June 16, 2011

Oreo made me sick but now I'm back!

So here's my story...
I was gone for so long :( I was sick and not in the mood to update my blog.T_T
I guess Gaara didn't stand a chance against Oreo. x.x 

For the last two weeks, My body gets worst everyday.
I feel bloated,my body aches my tummy hurts XD  AND I GOT FAT!!!
I've been eating oreos... not just 1 cookie ,not just 1 big pack of oreo, but many many packs of oreos!!!And I'm eating it none stop! What can I do?... It's sooo addicting! >.<
 I was going crazy trying to find out what my sickness is..
Google is not much of help..WHY??? because people keep on telling different kind of stories...

So I suggest, you stay away from google.If you want to find out the truth, consult your doctor directly!!! ~ Because based on my own experience, Everything I read from the net made me more nervous and stressed... I thought...
~Maybe there's a parasite inside my tummy!o.o
~I even thought I was pregnant!lulz  >.<  etc. etc It's crazy!>.>
But now, I have learned my lesson.. I shouldn't eat too much oreos! x.x
because it can make me fat.. Too much calories... >.<
I'm better now and I'm back~:)

So while I was sick, I try to find some things to do so I won't be stressed.

I cut my blonde wig for CHOBITS! ^_^
~Fixing Dry Wigs~
It's really dull and dry, as in very ugly!>.< 
Tools I used~ Scissors, Citre Shine and My toki doki flat iron
I cut off all the dry hair and detangled the hair, I used citre shine to make it smoother, 
I know it's not something to use for this kind of wig, but I have no other~
I ironed it~ This is synthetic wig should not be heated! But I just did, My tokidoki is amazing!:D
and TADAH!!!:D 
much better~:) Like  a Japanese hair style :)
Last Night
I made my claws and Horns for my dead master
 The next Morning :D
 woot! ~ and just a teaser pic for my Chobits cosplay :P
Thank you for always visiting my blog while I was away guys!^_^
Have a great day~ I will go take a rest again ^^
I need to be in good condition, 1 day left for the cosplay~ >.<


Melody said...

OMGAH ;A; I hope you're better nowwww !! Omg loool. I think I should steal all your oreos so you can't get sick from them teheheh >:D

Ahhh! I need to cut some of my wigs >.< But I don't have a wig stand hmm :( Come help meeee ;~;


Miss chuuu

kaizokumousy said...

aww thank you for visiting melody ^_^

I wish I just shared it with everyone! hahaha XD Well that's what happens when I am too greedy with sweets lolz.

Uhm I didnt have a wig stand too, I'm just using an egg shaped lamp shade lulz

Thank you ^_^ I just sprayed it green and black, I'm happy it turned out nice :)

Asuka said...

it nice to hear that you are better now =)
your wigs look amazing and I can't believe how awesome your claws and horn look! O.O hwo did you do that, what kind of material did you use? *curious*
so looking forward to see the real thing and to see you as chii, bet you'll look so adoreable =)

RiA Koakuma said...

cant wait to see the rest of the cosplay outfit! im starting to work on mine as well! I hope you get my package soon lovely :)

Anonymous said...

glad your better now :D believe it or not, i've actually never tried an Oreo! your horns and claws look awesome too!

MeiMei said...

hi im a new follower. and you're so creative. keep it up girl ^^

Bibi said...

Ow, too much Oreo :( Well if you have to be sick, then preferably from something delicious :)
Looking forward to see the costumes completed. You're so crafty!


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