Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gyaru Doll look♥ Classic Pink Wedding

Hello dolls~^.^~
Nooo It's not my wedding!!!XD
I promised last time that I will blog about my 2nd day at Toycon. But I lied!XD waaaaaa  >.< I actually can't keep up with my posts anymore.I have so many things to share, but just can't find the time to write. Gomen~ -.-

Anyways, Let me share with you the event that I attended yesterday.^-^The Classic Pink Wedding which was held at Kubokubo Tagaytay.With the help of Isaak Events+Caterings, they had a wonderful place to celebrate their wedding party~ .
Me and my sis ~^.^~ I did her makeup.Is it good?:)
I have decided to do a Gyaru doll look.I just thought it would look perfect with our dress

I  helped with the flower arrangements.^.^ It's not much, but I really had fun designing working with them :3
The Next Day...
Tadah!!!^_^ Wonderful isn't it?^^
I really love the color :3 It matches my dress hehe :)
 *o* This is really yummmeehh!!! If only I'm not on a diet, I would eat lots of this.
 So here's my job :) welcoming the guests :P
and collecting the gifts hehehe ^.^
a short video that I got. Sorry If It's too shaky hehe

just an extra pic :3 I just thought I looked like a doll in this 3
Thanks for dropping by.Have a great day!^^



みえーちゃん said...

LOVE your hair& your dress!
so adorable♥

Mutsumi said...

Oh the room!!! && your make up ♥ you did a good job~ the dress is super cute.

&& I love the last photo ♥

Lina Kim ♥ said...

omg your long sleeved dress! it's so lovely. what brand is that? <3

ella said...

Ganda naman. trabaho mo b yan? :D

kaizokumousy said...

@ みえーちゃん Thank you dear ^_^

@Mutsumi- Thanks for dropping by again dear :)

@Lina Kim- Thank you dear- Its Snidel :)

@Ella- ^^ salamat. Yes :) Sideline po

Jessy said...

i luv your hair, and the little bow~~~very cute, and the dress matches out style very well~~~~the banquet hall and the cake looks amazing~~~~very pretty


Widdlesh said...

Ang cute naman! Love your hair and dress! At napaka flawless naman ng skin moo! Laaaab! :DDDD

KatXoXo said...

aww it looked so pretty!! Love the cake and your outfit!!

aliceinwonderland said...

i really love your dress!!ღ

it`s so cute & pink!! ღ

i`ll will follow you :D

Asuka said...

you look really cute with that make-up and that dress (which suits you so amazingly good btw =D)
that place looks gorgeous, like from a princess dream ^__^

-sk- said...

woah.. you really look like a doll.. soo pretty :D
the place looks lovely..with a pretty cake ^^

kaizokumousy said...

Jessy -Thank you Jessy ^_^

salamat po ^_^ d naman po sobrang flawless ate. :) makeup lang po yan ^_^

KatXoXo Thank you Kat ^_^

Thank you that's sooo sweet ^_^ thanks for following too :)

haha yes I really felt it's my wedding party because my dress matches with the color of the wedding hehe.

Thank you dear :) Thanks for dropping by too :)

Laceface said...

you're so cute!

kaizokumousy said...

Thank you :)


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