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Chobits at Toycon-Cosplay Nation

Hello dolls!^.^
This is Freya~ :) hehe
So finally, I'm able to share this with you guys :))Last June 19, I attended the cosplay con with my best friend.We planned this since last year, but we just can't attend because were so busy in college.BUT NOW!!!WOHOOO!!! Finally!~ XD were able to do it together!^.^ So much fun!♥

We cosplayed CHobiTs
I love this anime sooo much!!! If you havent seen it yet, I am recommending this anime :P
Credits to Jhe Photoglapirru. Arigato!^_^
Before she was found by Hideki and named Chi, her name was Elda. She was the second Chobit produced by Ichiro Mihara. Elda was created after Mihara's wife, Chitose Hibiya, noticed that Freya, the first Chobit, was becoming increasingly depressed as time went by. Elda was created to be Freya's little sister, in an effort to make her happy. In spite of this, Freya's condition continued to worsen, eventually forcing Elda to take Freya's mind and memories into herself in order to save her. In the manga, Elda loses her own memories as a consequence of this act. In the anime, it is explained that Hibiya reset Elda's memories after her husband's death. Also in the manga, after Elda took on Freya's heart, her last request before losing consciousness was to be left alone outside, away from her family, so that there would be no possibility the same fate that befell her sister could befall her.

Before doing this, her father gave her a "gift"; this gift was a program, designed to do one thing. If in her new life, Chi failed to find the Person Just for Her, she would connect to every persocom on the planet and execute a program that would delete the individual-recognition abilities of all persocoms, so that they would never be able to distinguish one person from another ever again. If Chi failed to find the Person just for Her, it stood to reason that other persocoms would suffer the same fate as well. The purpose of this program was to spare the persocoms of the world the pain of unrequited love. In the anime, this program appears to have an alternate effect; if Chi finds the Person just for her, all persocoms would be granted the ability to feel emotion. The reason for this is since Ichiro Mihara was the creator of persocoms, he viewed them all as his children. His wish was that if Chi were able to find someone who loved her in return, all his children would be able to share in this happiness by being able to feel emotions the way humans do.(source: wikipedia)
credits to Joel Aragones for this pic.Arigato!^_^
Freya was the first Chobit and the older twin of Elda, created by Ichiro Mihara to be Hibiya's daughter, because she was unable to bear children of her own. She lived happily with the Mihara couple for a time until Hibiya noticed that her attitude was becoming increasingly melancholy. Hibiya asked her husband to build a little sister for Freya in an attempt to make her happy again; from this request, Elda was created. Freya was happy to have a little sister, and for a time, seemed to be acting normally.

Some time after, Freya suddenly lost consciousness and collapsed to the ground. It was only then that Hibiya finally realized the source of Freya's sadness; she had fallen in love with her own father, Mihara. Freya knew that her father still loved his wife, and did not want to disturb their happiness, so she pained her heart with efforts to suppress her feelings. Over time, her pain became so great that she began to malfunction under the strain of her emotional burden. Freya was no longer able to move, and was bedridden from that point on.

In the anime, Freya never found the courage to tell her father how she truly felt; in the manga, she resigns herself to the fact that because of the damage to her body, all hope is lost regardless of the outcome. After reaching this decision, she chose to tell him of her true feelings. Eventually Freya's pain became so unbearable that she chose to self-terminate, rather than continue to exist. Before this could happen, Elda offered to take Freya's heart into her own so that she would not disappear completely, and so that her memories would be preserved. Now that Elda has become Chi, Freya does everything she can to ensure that Chi will find the person just for her. Freya comforts Chi when she is in distress, guides her to understand her feelings for Hideki, and intervenes when she is in danger.(source:)
They are filming every cosplayers during that event, I don't know if were included though.>.<
We're asked to do a catwalk on the stage, but It's too dark and I don't really know how to pose there.hahaha!
Anyways, Here's the pics I promised ^^
And who would forget~ June 19 is Rizal's Day ^.^
The birthday of our Philippine National Hero
With Michael Jackson!!!~^.^~
With Sucker Punch Girls :)
Well that's it dolls, We got to go!^_^
I hope you enjoyed the pics :))
Have a great day!
~Extra pic~
Haha!!! This is the coolest cosplay I've ever seen!^.^
These Zombies eating at Mcdonalds. I guess they want to eat burger meats so bad :P hehe


Mutsumi said...

Ah..great Cosplay ♥ You and your friend did a good job!!
&& I love the zombies xDDD

Asuka said...

I feel so stupid for always telling you the same stuff but: you two look adoreable. Chobits is an amazing anime and great to cosplay. You two look really alike, perfect for elda/freya =)
I really love all of your cosplays!

Lora-chan said...

lovely ^^,

Jessy said...

great cosplay~~~i think you and your frd did a great job at cosplaying Chobit~~~you both looks cute~~~~


jass said...

wooooooooooow :o this is so cool!
I love the dresses,soo pretty:)
I love chobits in general <3

ah and that micheal jackson is so cool :D

kaizokumousy said...

@mutsumi- Thank you !^_^ Yeah me too I love those zombies :D

@Asuka- Thank you dear :) I'm glad you liked it!^^

@Lora- Thank you dear :)) and thanks for dropping by too :))

@Jessy- ^_^ arigato!^^

@Jass- Thank you :)) Yes chobits is one of my favorite anime :))

oh yeah!I love that michael jackson :))

!♥ m i m i said...

You girls are so pretty!!! And the cosplay looks really good.

I haven't watched/read Chobits at all unfortunately, but the story sounds really interesting so I might go check em out ^^

Lovely photos.


Rosie (→∀←。) said...


I love your blog; it's very cute~!! ^-^;;

Could you perhaps follow mine? I think you will like it. (:

Thanksyouu~~ ^w^;;

~~Rosie ♥

Lisa said...

I love those wedding photos. The flowers and cake are gorgeous.

Lisa said...

I love those wedding photos. The flowers and cake are gorgeous.

kaizokumousy said...

@mimi- Thank you dear :)
you should watch chobits~ It's really cute!^^

@Rosie- Thank you :)

@Lisa- Thank you dear :)

Janel said...

so CUTE!!! AAAAh. hehe. Great job ^_^

kaizokumousy said...

Thank you Janel :)

princessmicah said...

love that pink ribbon headband!


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