Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tagcom:Black Rock Shooter-Dead Master

Hello dolls ^.^
As promised, here are the pictures of me as Dead Master.^_^
Because of our busy schedules, were only able to finish the scythe and the horns.But the skull and claws are not done.
Then my horns broke.(unlucky) huhuT_T I think it would look cooler if I have my horns.XD
We'll just cosplay this character again later when we completed the whole props.^^
Anyway, we still cosplayed this despite of all that because I really really want it!^_^
So what do you think guys?
Do I look like Dead Master with this poses?^^
 The makeup is done by me.^^ Am I improving?  heehee
Oh and because of my look, I made little kids cry x.x and ran away from me.Lulz XD
Look  how crowded Tagcom is on first day. XD
Here's my cosplay partner.He cosplayed Mato the Black Rock Shooter.
were bullying the plushies XD
Here are just some of the pics of other cosplayers.:) Sad that I can't take many pictures because I'm carrying heavy scythe.x.x
with saw *o*
It's a really really good day for me,I really enjoyed cosplaying Dead Master.^^
I also have a video which I will share once I'm done uploading it ^_^
Thanks for dropping by ~ have a great day.^^


Anonymous said...

u look amazing =] nice~ x

Melody said...

Black Rock Shooterrr!!
YOU LOOK AMAZINGGG *-* You seem to be cosplaying heaps lately tehehe <3

che said...

You and your partner ended up looking great!

charlotteloves said...

you look awesome!! looks so fun! xx

Mutsumi said...

Aw you definitely have to take another photo with the horns ♥ I'm veeerrryy interested!!
The scythe looks amazing, good job!!♥

Jean said...

you look really pretty!! the darkside suits youuu lol <3

Asuka said...

waaaiii *-* you look amazing, as I thought you would ^-^
and I love the idea of a male cosplaying mato =) really great.
you look so beautiful and your scythe looks amazing O.O

Janel said...

TOo bad for the lil kids though. I think you look great. Good job ^_^

¤ blogniJANEL

Grace said...


Tiff said...

This is really awesome! You look so kickass haha. And I think you look like Mika Nakashima here but much better.

That scythe is so awesome :).

Widdlesh said...

Ahhhh!! Ang cuuuutee!! :DDD

Elisa ♥ said...

You look amazing :D !! Would love to cosplay as well !!! but I will probably get weird faces here >.<"


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