Friday, May 27, 2011

Review:Geo Diva Circle lens

Hello everyone!^_^
I just want to make a quick review about one of my favorite circle lens, which is the Geo Diva Black.I've worn this on many occasions already, and I never get tired of the color because it's like my natural eye color. Black.XD I like wearing it because it gives me that natural big doll eyes.
Here's how the pattern look like ~
And here's how it look like on my eyes =) 
=) notice the big difference?
 A few pictures of me wearing these lenses =)
See? I have used this a LOT hehe   I love love love it :))

 The size is 14.8. It's really big!:)
 It's comfortable but I do recommend that you use eye drops every 4 hours.
 I feel likeI look really good with these lenses on :P hehe

I would recommend this if you have dark eye color
But if you have a light eye color ,like~green or blue I think it won't look as black.And you'll get a different eye color in the middle which looks weird I think. But it's all up to you ;)

More reviews coming soon!^^
Have a great day everyone!^_^


Lina Kim ♥ said...

woaah. the same as XCK105 from GEO. 14.8mm looks like somewhat 16 mm King size on the photos! hahaha... I gave my XCK105 to my besties though. it was way too big on my eyes >.<

Mutsumi said...

Thanks for sharing this ♥ they really suit you!!
&& I have to get some black lenses, too...><

Becky said...

Amazing Circle Lens!
I love your hair style in the last pic (^_^)

kaizokumousy said...

@lina Kim- Yes I think even with a different pattern the look would be the same :)

@Mutsumi- Yes dear you should get this kind of lenses.These are really nice :)

@Becky- Thank you !^^ <3

Janel said...

whoa, those are HUGE! def gives an enlarging effect. They look really cute ^_^.

¤ blogniJANEL

Melody said...

WHY YOU ALWAYS SO SEXY IN ALL YOUR PHOTOS ;~; and alsooo! I really like these lenses <3 <3 I need somee :3

LemonberryLulu said...

I have some like those, they give the same effect but the design is like a flower they are g&g dolly lense I love them to so much, I guess I just really enjoy black circle lenses since their so pretty and natural :)

Jo and Sue said...



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