Friday, May 20, 2011

In the making of Black Rock Shooter Cosplay!

Hello everyone!^_^
It's been awhile, I've been really busy lately but I never really get bored of it because I was doing something I really really like!~ It's making props for the coming cosplays!^^
And tomorrow is going to be a big day for us because finally we'll be able to wear the costumes we prepared.
My partner will be Mato the Black Rock shooter and I will be cosplaying Yomi the Dead Master.*o*

What makes me busy?^^
I have been doing props with my cosplay partner. He makes the props and I help him with painting,gathering of the materials, and ideas.^o^
~And when were bored, we just go and paint something. He brought an old canvas to my house one time and we painted it black so we could paint something new to it,we waited for it to get dry~and then the next morning I found cat paws on it!o_o hehe
We also found a skull mask at the backyard and I painted it black. 
This mask will later be molded and some parts will be added to make it look like a real skull.
I picked up my costume at my best friend's house.I wanted to show you but I wasn't able to take a picture of it. But I promise to share it here~ So it's going to be a surprise!.:)
So what we did today was prepare the the props we needed for tomorrow.This is going to be very exciting because Dead Master is one of the characters I have been wanting to cosplay!*o*
Btw, the props are made by my cosplay partner~ Harry Potter of the PH.hehe.
All of the props are made from scraps.Didn't really have spend so much on it.
I painted my scythe hihi^^
What were able to complete
~Dress and accessories
~Rail gun
~Coat and accessories
Not yet done x.x but hopefully we can complete the set on next cosplays.
~Big chains
~Yomi's Claws
 This mask is for the Harry Potter Cosplay which is on Sunday ^_^ woohoo!!! excited!
(this is not yet complete)
Just for fun XD
So far, even I was tired and all ,I really had fun doing props.=) I must go to bed now, I need to wakeup early tomorrow XD bb 
 I promise to share my cosplay pics tomorrow.have a great day everyone!^^


Anonymous said...

omygosh soo cool! im making a scythe too for my cosplay! u look cute

che said...

Everything looks like it's coming along great, can't wait to see the completed project.

Lina Kim ♥ said...

awwee..that's cool. schyte is my most favorite weapon ever~ we got an event too tomorrow in here, gotta post up the pic later xD~

Asuka said...

OMG I was so excited when I read this post: I LOVE BRS *-* and I'm pretty sure you'll look amazing in it ^-^ awwwww can't wait till you post the pictures *jumps up and down*
the probs look really cool and really well made, I suck at things like this hahaha =)

Anonymous said...

Hi :) Nice blog you got there, I was wonderin if we could be friends and follow each others blogs? ^__^ Thank youuuu.~

Ms.Thumbsup! said...

you did so great ! Congratulations !


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