Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Hello cute Dolls!^-^
I'm sorry for being inactive~For not replying on my posts and for not commenting on your blogs.x_x
 Go men~*sorryI've been really busy lately.XD
 But today, Let me share with you my small haul.
Kuromi Bath Soap
I bought this in HK for $29. I kind of forgot which shop I bought it from though.o.o

Ana Sui hand bag
I bought this from Mongkok for $50. I really like it! :3
 $70  from Mongkok
Neko hat 
I bought this from Chikara Hats last Ozine Fest '11 for 180php only :P
From Devangelic for 250 php
from Devangelic for 350php
from Devangelic for 250php
~I really like this hat :3 So big hehe^^
 Lolita bows
Now available in my shop-> {}
i haven't uploaded the pics tho XD
 I would like to thank Jeff/Onore for this Keychain, and a handmade paper robot :3
 ~ arigatou!^_^
I have more things to show, but too lazy to take pictures x_x
So I will just include those other pictures on my later post.=)
Thanks for reading guys!Have fun!^^


Anonymous said...

i really like the ana sui handbag! thats a great purchase girl :)

RiA SPiRAL said...

aww everything is so nice! i love the belt! and kuromi too :3 nice haul 8P

Asuka said...

OMG that bag is adoreable!~~~
and I gues bathing in that soap will be super cute hehe

Jiawa said...

That HAT!! : OO!

Hello Naka said...

im glad u went to Mong Kok! and i lvoe the bag :3 great haul!

Seoul Kitten said...

Wah! The Anna Sui bag is so pretty - I want!

junwei said...

the bows looks really cute ^___^


kaizokumousy said...

Thank you for dropping by girls :))


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