Sunday, May 29, 2011

Gaara Sexy no Jutsu!♥

Hello girls This is Gaara of The Dessert~
I'm taking mimi's blog.From now on, What you'll read from here would be all about the techniques on how to kill  your enemies in just one single blow. *evil laugh
Hehehe I'm just kidding~^.^~
So  I made a new makeup look which is inspired by Gaara.
He is one of my favorite characters from the anime Naruto.^^
If you don't know him yet~ check this out->  

This is my  Lady version of  Gaara, his "Sexy no Jutsu" transformation.^^
I know weird position of the pics, but that's how weird Gaara is.hahaha
 you know what guys, Gaara really love eating cookies^^
lately I've been addicted with oreos~lulz
waaa I revealed a secret!haha
Thanks for dropping by guys!^^ and I hope you liked it:)
Have a great day!^^

Friday, May 27, 2011

Review:Geo Diva Circle lens

Hello everyone!^_^
I just want to make a quick review about one of my favorite circle lens, which is the Geo Diva Black.I've worn this on many occasions already, and I never get tired of the color because it's like my natural eye color. Black.XD I like wearing it because it gives me that natural big doll eyes.
Here's how the pattern look like ~
And here's how it look like on my eyes =) 
=) notice the big difference?
 A few pictures of me wearing these lenses =)
See? I have used this a LOT hehe   I love love love it :))

 The size is 14.8. It's really big!:)
 It's comfortable but I do recommend that you use eye drops every 4 hours.
 I feel likeI look really good with these lenses on :P hehe

I would recommend this if you have dark eye color
But if you have a light eye color ,like~green or blue I think it won't look as black.And you'll get a different eye color in the middle which looks weird I think. But it's all up to you ;)

More reviews coming soon!^^
Have a great day everyone!^_^

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tagcom Day 3: Harry Potter and Ginny Weasly

Hello everyone ^_^
On Tagcom day 3, I cosplayed as Ginny Weasly with my partner Harry Potter.^^ Well, I know I don't really look like Ginny!lulz >.< I think I ruined the pic for him.haha
(Thank you sir Jpeg Mendoza for the picture^^)
Here's my outfit before changing to Ginny :P
 My partner dressed up as V4 Vendetta XD
Here are the pics from the event guys~Please enjoy!^^
 Rin Tohsaka from Fate Stay Knight
 Luffy of One Piece
Copying Manny Pacquiao XD
waaa This is my most favorite!*o*
Vash Stampede
But no one can beat this little kid's cosplay :P
*o* some really cool Naruto character cosplay
Me trying to look like one of the shinobi from Naruto XD hehehe
 Wooot!!!and YuYu Hakusho *o* gosh one of my fave~
I hope you enjoyed the pics guys!^^
I will go to bed now, so tired.x_x 
 ^_^ sorry for lack of post, and comments.I'll be sure to check everyone's post tomorrow
Have a great day :) 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tagcom:Black Rock Shooter-Dead Master

Hello dolls ^.^
As promised, here are the pictures of me as Dead Master.^_^
Because of our busy schedules, were only able to finish the scythe and the horns.But the skull and claws are not done.
Then my horns broke.(unlucky) huhuT_T I think it would look cooler if I have my horns.XD
We'll just cosplay this character again later when we completed the whole props.^^
Anyway, we still cosplayed this despite of all that because I really really want it!^_^
So what do you think guys?
Do I look like Dead Master with this poses?^^
 The makeup is done by me.^^ Am I improving?  heehee
Oh and because of my look, I made little kids cry x.x and ran away from me.Lulz XD
Look  how crowded Tagcom is on first day. XD
Here's my cosplay partner.He cosplayed Mato the Black Rock Shooter.
were bullying the plushies XD
Here are just some of the pics of other cosplayers.:) Sad that I can't take many pictures because I'm carrying heavy scythe.x.x
with saw *o*
It's a really really good day for me,I really enjoyed cosplaying Dead Master.^^
I also have a video which I will share once I'm done uploading it ^_^
Thanks for dropping by ~ have a great day.^^


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