Friday, April 8, 2011

HK Day1-Shopping?Let me take you to Mongkok!^^

Hello everyone!^_^
I'm finally back from HK! I was gone for so long...I missed my room, my computer, my blog and most of all-I missed all of you!T_T As promised I took a LOT of pictures so I could share it hereI don't have a lot of money to buy everything so I just took pictures.hahaha!XD Jk! Since our hotel is very near in Mongkok~ (A very great place to shop in HK) We went there right after we checked in, in our Hotel.We are all so excited!

~A picture of Mongkok in the morning, A very busy place for shoppers.~
I took a lot of pictures of fashion clothings and shops in Mongkok =)
Please enjoy~^^~
I really like this furr coat!*o* I hope it's not real though~
HK is very bright at night.I really like it there at night!^_^
I went up here just because I saw Sgt.Keroro!XD Anyway I found really cool stuffs here!
~I'll share tomorrow^^
 I have found this cute little doggie!*o*~He likes to pose!:3
This floral clothing is really nice for spring!^^
In Mongkok, there's a lot of Restaurants and street foods.
They are delicious, but not for me...XD I don't really like it.
Fresh Orange  Juice
I still end up eating Mcdonald's Hamburger and fries though.=.=
~The End of Day 1~
On my 2nd post I will share with you some of the things I bought.^_^
It made me happy to come back and see that I already got 184 followers on my blog!O.O Wow!Thank You!!!I'll be sure to check and comment on your blogs as well.^_^ That's a pwamis! But for now I have to go to bed because I'm still so tired x.x  gomen~ I will continue blogging about my trip to HK~I  have so many things and fashion stuffs to share with you on my following posts.^^
Good Night~♥~


Jean said...

Welcome back!! I loved all of the pictures!!! I would be in shopping heaven there!

나니 said...

WOAHH so many thingggsss!! I wanna go see HK too! : D I wanna go see any country besides my own.. lol. I almost don't care where I go - as long as it's not a warzone and it aint Denmark. -nods-

Anyway! I love that USA-themed outfit. The leggings are the BOMB!

kaizokumousy said...

@Jean- Thank you I'm really glad that you liked it!^^

@ 나니- you are right^^ The place is good as long as there is no war there. :)

You should try to travel it's really great!:) And btw, the leggings and stockings in HK are really good!*o*

Trillin said...

So many cute clothes and yummy foods! :D I want to go to HK someday! ^.^ <3

Anonymous said...

the polka dot dress with the red cardigan and crochet detailing are so preettyy!!!

Amy said...

omgosh, I loveee shopping in MK!

I miss HK so much!! D:
So manyy clothes shops!

And lol atchu eating McD's! SHAME ON YOU!
Jokiinngg! I hear HK McD's is better then standard McD's :D

Anyway, Glad you had fun! ^^


Anonymous said...

aww looks like a lot fun! I usually avoid Mongkok as I find the place a it too humid to walk around and not to mention how busy it is!!

Elisa ♥ said...

I miss HK while watching your pictures, and lol !! why do you eat mcdonalds while there is so much yummy foooddd there !! :P

kaizokumousy said...

@Trilin- you should hun!^_^

@Reina- Yes they are really beautiful!^^

@Amy- yes I love mcdonalds food, i'm glad they have it there in HK :)

@Nic Nic- yes I had a lot of fun!^^

@Elisa- well that's because I think mcdonalds is something that has normal tase for me.hehe

Anonymous said...

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justin jaca said...

hw much are the clothes there?

kaizokumousy said...

@justin- Hi hi ^_^

The clothes are really affordable.
How much is the conversion of your money to yen? because mine is 6php = 1 hk money.


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