Wednesday, April 13, 2011

HK Day 2-Shopping in Mongkok!♡

Hello everyone!^_^
This post is the continuation of my HK-Day1 post ^^
On my second day in Hong Kong, I was able to go shopping in Mongkok alone.The other's went to Disneyland and I was left in the hotel still sleeping.XD  Dysneland was not included in my package since I've been there already anyway.

I started to shop at 1pm.I really had fun there even though the street is busy and crowded.
I'm still really scared to walk there alone though, because I can't stop thinking of those people who got kidnapped or something... like human trafficking cases?O.o There was actually a guy who said "hi" to me while I was walking in the crowed,I don't know if he's just being friendly...o_o but for some reason I started to walk faster and ran away from him lool!XD
Ok so on to the topic, Here are just some photos of the cute outfits,shoes and other cute stuffs I found for you.enjoy!~^.^~
*o* really cute panda bags!
I also found some gyaru stuffs~☆~
These cellphone case and mirror deco are super kawai!!!◕‿◕
Harajuku perfumes are very tempting.I just want to buy everything!*O*
Don't eat!XD
Ok these gummy are real and yummy!☺ 
I stopped by in one restaurant to take a break and ate this meal, I don't know how to call this meal though.XD I know the milk tea,cheese sponge cake, corn and naruto.hehe
If ever I will go back there, I will visit Mongkok again for sure, For me, it's the BEST place in HK! 
I have more to share with you!many travel posts to come~^o^~
What clothings, shoes and cute stuffs did you liked from the pictures and would buy if you were there in HK?:o
I'd like to know~^_^~


Amy said...

Aww, man! I miss HK so much D':

I have the bottom panda bag..infact I think that's the exact shop I bought it from!

and omg lol, I remember the first time I was shopping alone in HK aswell. So scary! Just be careful. I heard theres loadsa creepy perverts on the MTR and bag snatchers on the street!

The first skirt is also so cute!!

Anyway. Sounds like your havin' fun! So lucky! I might go back this Summer after exams :D


oomph. said...

i think i would go many cute things! i love those studded shoes in the second to last photo!

Venus In Virgo said...

OMG! Everything looks cute! I want to shop there with you. :)
About my siggy- I just find a pic I like and use fonts to make my name.You can search for the type of fonts online that's how I found them
I like your siggy,its nicer than mine XOXO

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing your haul from HK :D

kaizokumousy said...

@Amy- wow that bag is so cute^_^ I wished I could have atleast met you :3 I wanted to meet a blogger friend on my travel.

And yes I can't trust anyone there because I can't even speak their language.

@oomph.- Yes I know!*o* I was also like that when I was there XD

@Venus in Virgo- I would love to go shopping with you!*o*

@NicNic- I will post it soon ^_^

Katrina said...

UHG! way too many pretty stuffs!
Let me live with you! LOL

I love your blogspot theme. Sooo Kawaaiii! :D

I followed you BTW. :)

kaizokumousy said...

@Katrina- Thank you for following me dear ^_^ I'm so happy that you liked my blog <3

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Wow, everything is so cute. Definitely want one of each. I know how you felt about walking alone. When I was in NYC this past weekend, I had this strange guy following me and I had to run into a random store and hide out until he was

♥Mishi à la mode♥ said...

looking at your post makes me miss my summer spent in hk SOOO MUCH!!! now I dont have time to go back anymore but.. I love shopping in MK, those eye lashes are sooo gorgeous!
I hope you had a blast ^_^

kaizokumousy said...

@Ms. Alicia- oh yeah it's sometimes scary to travel alone >.<

@Mishi a la mode- aww me too I want to go back there <3

Mint said...

I totally know where you went! Oh dont worry about human trafficking. I go alone all the time LOL. HK is that scary. They totally rip you off when you dont look like a native though. Like when I went with black hair it was totally different than when I went with blonde hair

KaitLin Kat said...

you look like you had a lot of fun there!
I'll be going there in a week! Excited!!!!! :)
btw, I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hello there. I google about hong kong stuffs and i saw your blog. i'll be in hong kong this sunday. and i love the boots photo. Is it located in mongkok? if you dont mind, how much it is price?

kaizokumousy said...

hi mostly the shoe prize is 100hkd its really cheap. :)

It's in Mongkok, I don't know the name of the building I went to but almost every shop have this kind of boots


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