Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Review:Princess Mimi Sesame Grey+ Macao Tour!

Hello everyone! 
This is the continuation of my HK adventure post, I know that It's late, But I will still blog about it anyway because I promised to share it here.=) But before that, let my just make a short review of my new favorite contact lens Princess Mimi!I used this when I was in HK and I fell in love with it!*o*
I got a Princess Mimi Sesame Grey.The size of this circle lens is 15.0mm.Bigger than the ones I used before. I loved it!These circle lens will make your eyes look bigger like a doll, that I didn't really have to put much effort on my eye makeup to make them bigger!^_^
Here's how it looked like on me.(I used this lenses on my last cosplay too.-> {})
I like the bottle color and the name of the series!^^ I feel like that the Geo company made it just for me :P hihi~ Pink+Princess+Mimi *o* ~weee 
I rate this:5/5     
I love:
 The color combination of the sesame grey circle lens is really cute!
 I love the size, it's comfortable in the eyes even it's big.
The one thing is that you've got to keep them moist with your drops to avoid discomfort.
Now let's talk about my trip to Macao!:)
We went to Macao on our third day.And I'm very excited to see the The Venetian Hotel because this is where my favorite Korean film "BoYs Over FloweR" had their shooting!:)
HK day 1 {}
HK day 2 {}
We rode a Cotai Jet Ferry and it took us 45 minutes to reach Macao.x_x gosh I hate the sea...
And were here at the Venetian Hotel!:D Doyou remember this place from BOF?
~This is the place where Jandi followed Jun Pyo! *o*
She tried to enter inside but the guards did not allow her. *sad part >.<
The Hotel BIG and amazing!
I think one day is not enough to explore everything.o_o
I like how this statue was sculpted :)

I love and appreciate the hard work here *o* Look at that ceiling and the wall paintings!
Camera whoring a lil bit :)))
meh trying to be a model :P
There are many shops inside, I love it here. 
Oh and btw that cloud on the ceiling is not real.It's all work of art.
The ceiling was painted and with the nice lighting, you would think it's real. 
It never really gets dark inside~^^
This is one of the romantic attractions in macao.  Boat riding down  a canal while listening to the beautiful voice of the one stirring the boat.:3 If you're a couple you should try riding here.
Oh before I forgot one reason why people go to Macao is because of Casino :P There's a LOT of people who would travel here just to gamble everything.hahaha crazy I know! ~.~ But true it's really addicting!XD But who would spent all their money here when you only have 1% chance of winning.and 99% is just luck.@_@ If I were them I will just play casino games on facebook!XD heehee 
I really enjoyed my first day here in the hotel and having fun at the casino  lolXD
I hope you enjoyed the pictures ^_^ have a great day! 
to be continued...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I ♡ Picnic!

Hello everyone!^_^
Today my family and I went out on a picnic at Tagaytay Picnic Grove.
I had to wake up 6am....(lazy)x_x  It's good that we left early though, because were able to be there first and chose the best cottage where we could have a great view of Taal lake and Taal Volcano.
{Just in case you don't know yet.Tagaytay  Picnic grove  is one of the tourist spots here in the Philippines.:)}
This park has cable cars and Zipline which are really popular to visitors.But we didn't really tried it because we have kids with us.(~I'ts ok because I don't really like to ride it anyway.=.= I'm scared! >.<
There's a lot of stores inside the Picnic Grove, and this fruit stand caught my attention.~I remembered how expensive it was to eat fruits in other country.While in the Philippines, I could get 3 pineapples for 100php or  $2 usd only!The other fruits are really cheap too!^_^ enjoy~

I took some pictures of some souvenirs~ Native products.
I don't know if you guys likes native products.I will share it to you anyway =)
This one is a wind chime made of shells.
A butterfly collection frame
Big spoon and fork
This bags are made of abaca.
 We brought a lot of food for break fast and lunch.We also grilled some pork and hotdogs.
All we did there was to eat and chat.^_^
played bubbles and plastic balloons with my niece^^
After hanging out at Picnic Grove.~We left to visit our favorite restaurant in Tagaytay.
~Kubo Kubo~
Eating time again!^^
*o* Sooo many sweets~
 This one is my favorite 
 We ate some ice cream then we left home.Well that was it, I really had fun today with my family!^_^ 
I fell asleep and woke up just so I could blog about it.I'm going back to bed now.Oyasumi!^^
Do you like going on a  picnic?


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