Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Shenzhen China~My hair grew longer in 1 hour!!!-Day 3

Hello everyone!^_^
In continuation of my tour in Hong Kong~(day2) Today I will sharing with you what happened to me on our trip to Shenzhen China.Shenzhen China is one of the best place I've been to.The foods and things here are inexpensive compared to Hong Kong.The whole place is like a very big Mall.The city is very bright and every corner of the streets were full of cool and super cute stuffs.I really liked it here!One of the best thing I got from here is my-long HAIR!:)
Seriously...I need to learn how to cross the street!XD
So I happened to discover a parlor inside the mall.After seeing one of the girl having her hair extensions done by the lady, It got me very excited and told myself that this is my last chance to have a longer hair because we had to go back home the next day.I talked with the Chinese lady and deal with them, It took us 10 minutes to fully understand each other because they can't understand english, and I can't understand chinese!n_n thanks to my calculator they understand the numbers that I typed and we agreed with it.^_^ *happy!
Anyway, Here's a picture of what they did to my hair.I asked the Chinese guy if he could take a picture of my back, and he did.^^  The girl with a long hair sitting next to me also have a hair extension.

The reason why I agreed with this idea is because, this is different from the other hair extensions I've seen.Where in they have to use a heating tool to connect the hair extensions to your real hair.This one that I had is what they call threading~They're like sewing the hair extensions to my real hair.So it's safe.
*I like this one better than clip hair extensions because I'm to lazy to always use  that.=.=
*The clip hair extensions I'm using were sythethic~this one is real human hair =)
 *o*The girl who did my hair.I love her!heehee^^
The people in this area were very nice.They are funny and friendly, at least they all try to entertain me even it's really hard to communicate with each other(^^,)It's really different from what I had experienced outside the street of Shenzhen-where the sellers try to scam, or shout when they force us to buy.o.o
~Oh and I want to buy a  hair dye.They asked me to write it down, but they can't understand it still.I really do appreciate that they try their best to speak English.I promise that when I come back to Shenzhen, I'll make sure to visit them!^_^ ~here's a short clip I got about our funny conversation.XD

I came back very satisfied with my new hair look!^o^
You could clearly see on my face how happy I am,right?I'm very satisfied^_^ If you have read my older posts, You would know that I'm dying to have a very long hair!!!n_n And it was very hard for me to have it, because I have weak hair.So having this long hair is like a dream come true!I can't have it done in the Philippines because hair extensions this long would cost a lot.
 I also bought a gloves from the mall.^^ nice right?
I also got a cute ear muffs from the mall.^_^
my sister bought this cute case for her iphone, which I think is very cute.
 My sis=) I owe her because she gave me some money just so I could have my hair done.^o^ 
It's so nice of her!!!
^_^ Well that's it!I'm really super happy with my hair now!
Now I could cross this one out on my wishlist(sidebar) XD
Have you ever had a hair extension before?
how was it?Id like to know your experience^^

~Love mimiஐღ 


Stephanie said...

I'm still in love with the extensions! If I ever go to China maybe they can put some orange ones in my hair. ;)

Grace said...

ihih! Extensions are the best thing on earth! I'd understand how you feel right now.. ;D

Grace said...

ihih! Extensions are the best thing on earth! I'd understand how you feel right now.. ;D

Kim's Vanity said...

WOW, you look gorgeous! That looks like such a fun place to visit!!!

Winnie* said...

I have always wanted to try but never had the guts to when I was in China haha. It took less than 1 hour? Impressive. You look great with long hair!

Hello Naka said...

wow i love the new hair!!! and the video made my happy i hope u got ur hair dye ^^

Becky said...

You look great!
I want to have hair extensions but they're too expensive here

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

This looks great! I love you with long hair and the sewn in hair sounds much better than using heat. Glad you have a great vacation. Sounds like such a fun and exciting place to visit.

amanda said...

eee the extensions look good! i'd love to go to shenzhen one day, its my bosses hometown and i've heard lots of good things about it ^^

Elisa ♥ said...

I love to have long hair xD whoaa the extensions are prety ='D i never had those

The Beautifier said...

I am drooling over that cute iphone cover! Those gloves ROCK!!

Sasmita said...

O' it feels like as if I am visiting China now. Hehe

Nice hair Kaizo, n that cell-cover can be used as a beautiful clutch too...with a gorgeous dress!

Gerrytales said...

I love your extensions and ear muffs and phone cover! :O

carizzachua said...

i saw ayumi hamasaki on one photo! hahaha im a big fan :)

love your hair :)


Rebekah said...

Hello ^^

I'm having the same type of hair extensions as you , really nice and comfy right ?

♔K i M S said...

Oh i love your new extensions...

I watched your video and yeah, I know that feeling when its hard to communicate with someone who can't really understand what are you trying to say....


Bibi said...

Okay, I finally have time to read all of your HK posts >< Sorry it took me so long!! I've never had hair extensions before (think it would be difficult, with my curls and all, then I'd have to straighten my real hair, or perm the fake, but then it wouldn't be the right curls and la di da)
Oh that technique where they sew the hair extensions to your actual hair is so interesting! It looks a lot more natural, like you have small braids in the back ^^
And you sound so cute in the video!!

Anonymous said...

They look great! Please please tell me where you got them done?!! I'm in Shenzhen and desperate for long hair :) Thanx!

Anonymous said...

I have never seen better than this site.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I know this post is like over a year old but I was just wondering about the hairextensions you put in. What did it cost? what was the name of the salon and where in Schenzhen did you do it? ;D do you think they can color extensions to your own hair color? if your like blonde. Would love if you could email me an answer! im going to Hong Kong in november and I really would love to get it done! :D

Jasmin said...

Heyy!!! Im going to hong kong next month and i know this is now 2 years old but i wondered if you could remember where in shenzhen this is??bi really want super long hair for my birthday next month!!! Email me pleeease!!!! Princessjasmin92@hotmail.co.uk thanks ^^

Anonymous said...

Hi, can u pls let me know where in Shenzhen u got the extensions and how much it cost? And how was the removal process? Did it damage ur real hair or make it thinner? Appreciate it! Sugirly@yahoo.com

kaizokumousy said...

Hi dear, I kind of forgot the area where I had my hair extension, But there are actually lots of salons there that can do your hair extension. It didn't damage my hair at all because all they did was tie the fake hair to my real hair with a rubber. So it's like just clipping it together.

It lasted me 4 months, but I had to remove it after because the knots are getting visible.x3


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