Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pink and Pastel Birthday Party

Hello dolls!^_^
Just a quick post of what had happened to me today.I went to another event of Isaak which is the "Pink Lola" Birthday Party.I was kind of hesitant to go at first because I'm not really feeling well, But my sister insisted and said that the party's theme color is "pink" which made me say "Yes, I'm going!"*o*

Who say's that only teenagers could have pink party like this?o_o
The birthday celebrant is already 60 years old, which made me imagine myself when I turned 60.I wanted to have a birthday party celebration just like this.I also want it to be pink!I don't believe that when people aged they need to choose colors like brown or classic black and white.Or that everything needs to be formal.I believe that choosing something you really like and things that makes you happy is what matters most.
The colors pink and purple made me think of Lolitas^^
The celebrant requested for a Ice scramble instead of Ice cream.
Ice Scramble is a Pinoy street food.It's a flavored crushed ice with chocolate syrup and milk on top.You could also add toppings of your choice.You only get to eat this on streets,usually outside the elementary school. I had flashbacks after eating this lol!
 I'm sorry for the low quality pictures, I have high quality ones but I'm too lazy to upload them again x.x
But I promise to post a video of this event tomorrow so that  could share it with you.^_^
Here is the outfit I wore for this day, If only I was prepared for this I would bring all my pink dresses!But the only dress I have in my brother's closet is this one.T_T
Thanks for reading dolls I hope you enjoyed it!I'm really sleepy now so got to go=.= Goodnight!
 What kind of birthday party would you like when you get older?
mine would be a lolita birthday party hihi

 Love mimi


Vintage Makeup said...

I love the way it's decorated! :)

♥Mishi à la mode♥ said...

how cute! the party was definitely made for a princess!

Angie said...

So pink! So cute! It looks like a great party!!

Elisa ♥ said...

prettyy decoration, you look cute as well =D

Becky said...

Wow! That place is gorgeous!
& I love your hair style there!

Anonymous said...

♥Love your blog♥

Mint said...

omfg the place looks soooo purdayyyyy ; o ;

Yapo Nightroad said...

you have a really awesome hair im so jealous of ;A;

Rui said...

is party looks great :D your pic is very pretty girl!!

Clover said...

wow! it is sooo cool! I love the decoration!^^

I'm sorry dear for not posting and commenting for the moment. I have so much stress for the moment and no time....>< but I will be back from the death soon^^
I miss you,hun.

kaizokumousy said...

@Vintage Makeup-Yes they are good ^^

@Mishi A la Mode-hihi yes ^^ I wish it was my party

@Angie-Yes it was!^^

@Elisa- Yes :) Thank you^^

@Becky-Thank you dear ^^ It's good to experiment with my hair from time to time :))

@Mary Mur-Thank you dear ^^

@Yapo-I love your hair too dear ^^

@Rui-Thank you ^_^

@Clover-waaaa It's been a long time!I missed you!^_^

Hello Naka said...

a lolita birthday party would be great :3 and cute decorations ^^

Anonymous said...

wow so pretty! you're never too old for pink :)


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