Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Makumi Photoshoot-Dance with the Dead

Hello everyone!^_^
Last week, I had my first ever photoshoot with a friend-Maku, who is also a blogger from Fierced Fashion.
We've just met recently.He always buy fashion clothings and hair dyes from my store that we got to talk about blogs, Kpop and Jpop fashion and photo shoot.If you have read my older post, you would know that I love to dress up and take pictures of myself, but I only do it inside my room.He suggested me that I should take it to the next level and take pictures outside- and so we did.
I'm not really  used to pose when someone is holding the camera for me.This is my first time doing this but because he is easy to work with,I wasn't shy.So here's the result of my photoshoot.^_^
I will upload more pictures on my fb fanpage later.
I hope that you enjoyed it!^_^
 Do you love taking pictures and pose like a model?;)
mimi: Yes!hehe

Thanks for the lovely comments that you left me on my last post^^
See you on my next post dolls!=)

Love Mimi


Mutsumi said...

LOVE them!!!

MOON said...

Wow I love this look on you :D!!

나니 said...

Hahaha, love the grungey look to the photos! : D He sure did a great job!

Hello Naka said...

ur dress/shirt is amazing! u looks great :)

Rin ♥ 김혜린 said...

love your outfit =)

Jessy said...

I luv your style is very daring, but stylish at the same time

I follow you hope u can do the same ^_^


kaizokumousy said...

@Mutsumi-Thank you dear :)

@Moon-Thank you ^_^

@나니- Yes I'm glad it turned out well :)

@Hello Naka- Thank you ^_^

@Rin ♥ 김혜린- Thank you dear ^_^

Anonymous said...

i like the first photo, the one with the big tree beside you. your photographer takes really nice pix :)


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