Sunday, March 13, 2011

Let's go grocery shopping!

Hello Everyone I'm back!^_^
My mom and I went to the market to buy some stocks.
People were panic buying, and we are also panic buying!XD
We bought a lot of vegetables and lots of meats.
Look at my cart it's full of meat, people may think we are vampires.O.O
We bought  fish and  some seasonings
and were done!=)
Then we went to red ribbon and have our dinner there.
I had Salisbury steak,a spinach soup and a chocolate cake.
I ate a lot lol!XD
and stocks I got for myself o.o
I hope you enjoyed shopping with me.^.~
Have a great day!^^



Grace said...

ihih! Yess I enjoyed very much going shopping with you this morning :D

kaizokumousy said...

@Grace-^_^ I'm glad you liked my post

Bibi said...

I love grocery shopping, though not panic buying. Glad to hear all of you were alright! x

Becky said...

You bought a lot of things!
When I go shopping to the supermarket I only buy a couple of things each time...

kaizokumousy said...

@Bibi- yes hun you are right :)

@Becky- Yes it's for our stock :)

Anonymous said...

i miss grocery times with my mom. now, its only me whose been budgeting and doing my own grocery. dorm life can be pretty hard.

i am looking at the spring beans and pechay, they look fresh. they probably came from baguio.

Anonymous said...

need to check


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