Monday, March 14, 2011

Let's go for a job interview!^_^

Hello everyone!^_^
 I know this sounds boring but  let me take you to the place where I had my interview.=)
Today I decided to have my first real job interview.Why I said "I decided"?,Well that's because today is the time I feel like applying for a job.So I just walked in to a company where I wanted to work like they didn't expect me to come.I didn't sign up for a scheduled interview!O.O
In the waiting area, while waiting for the Interviewer.I was a bit nervous  but I'm ready for it.
And brave enough to go there and apply!=D (Sorry if I can't say the name and the place of the company.=/)
So what happen after the interview? ^_^ I had a great conversation with the interviewer!They have offered me a position in the company and they will call me this coming Wednesday to ask if I really want the job and when can I start working.^^
Sounds good right? They have given me a time to think and prepare for this position.Who can complain to this good opportunity? I can't! and I can't really wait till I can start to work and have my first job experience!^_^
Let me show you how it looks like outside the building.
Actually to take pictures inside the building is not allowed O.O I just found that out after reading what's written on my visitor's I.D and I've already took some pictures lol! XD
For the pictures outside the building, I had to ask the guard if I could and he agreed.^_^
After my interview I went to 7/11 Just outside the building, to buy some sweets.^^
There's a lot of restaurants and cafe outside and a  really good surrounding.I love it there!^_^
I went home with *o*pocky...
How's your first job interview?
I hope you enjoyed going out with me guys!^_^
Have a great day! 

 Love, Mimi 


keesh from the internet said...

Good luck! :) Where did you apply? :)

Mutsumi said...

Congratulations ♥
Hope your 1st job experience wont be bad!

amanda said...

eee, congrats on aceing your interview! <3

Rebekah said...

Hello ♥

Good luck for your 1st job ^.^
And gambateh !

kaizokumousy said...

@keesh,Mutsumi,Amanda and Rebekah-Thank you guys ^_^

Bibi said...

Wow... Wow! You're like the first person I know who gets a job just like that O.O Most people try weeks or even months finding a job, and lucky you got it immediately! Congrats and good luck!! x

Becky said...

Congrats! & Good luck! (^_^)

I've never had a job interview :S I'm studying at university right now

Venus In Virgo said...

Congrats! Good luck and I love Pocky!
Just a quick memo to my members, no links allowed when posting a comment, thanks XOXO

kaizokumousy said...

@Bibi-yes I was lucky ^_^ I didn't expect it as well :)

@Becky-Thank you hun^_^ and yes finish you studies first then when your done that's the time you look for a job :)

@Venus-thank you ^_^ oh dear, I think I don't leave links on posts :o

CAMILLA said...

wow, congratz,
what kind of job do u have?

camgaga said... well on your job..

Anonymous said...

call center. i am familiar with that room and that applicant form. hahahahahahahaha

kaizokumousy said...

@camilla- Thank you hun ^^ Phone screener hun :)

@camgaga- Thank you dear :)

@Anonymous- Yes call center but I'm not exactly will be working as an agent^^


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