Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm going back to Hong Kong!^o^

Woohoo!I'm very excited to share this with you dolls, I'm going back to Hong Kong!~^o^~
and... I'm also going to Macao!~ I really really want to go to this place because of  "Boys over Flower" and I hope to meet Lee Min Ho there!*_*♡ lol~
So here's the story...
I was surprised when my brother asked me If I want to go back to Hong Kong, Of course I'd say "YES!".
So he told me to packed my bags and this time, I don't have to pay for anything because he'll be the one to pay for my plane ticket, which means that all my monehs,will only go for my food and for shopping!*o*
How cool is that?~hihi
I already prepared all the stuffs that I want to bring with me.But I still need to check what things I'm forgetting.
The sad thing about this trip is that this time my sister won't be able to come with me.T_T I pretty much rely on  her on all things, and I'm spoiled to her because I'm the youngest, I tend to not worry about anything.But now I will be on my own huhu~ kuwaii!x.x I hope I don't get lost there.lool I'm like a kid!XD
How's the temperature in Hong Kong?Is it still cold? The last time I went there, it was super cold!o.o I can check it on google right now to see if it's cold or it's hot but it's better if you'd tell me if you are from HK~this is for me to know what clothings I should bring.=)

Do you know any ANIME shops there that sells wigs,costumes etc.etc? Where?o.o

Or just give me tips where I can find good shops! =)

Thank you!^_^
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Ice Pandora said...

You are going to Hong Kong! How cool D: I want to join youuuu
Have fun visiting and shopping ^^
yuo better take some pictures :)
Macao is fun, really a tourist gamble place!


FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Wow, thats so awesome of your brother. What a great present. I can understand how you would be nervous without your sister but I think it will be good to show you that you can do this on your own. Have sooo much fun. I can't even imagine how cool the shopping is. Can't wait to see a haul!

Becky said...

That's great!
Have a good time in Hong Kong! (^_^)

kaizokumousy said...

@Ice Pandora-Well I hope to meet you there dear ^_^
I will take a LOT of pictures for sure :) hihi

@FunnyFaceBeauty- Yes I will try to travel without my sis ^_^ Thank you :)

@Becky-Thank you dear <3

Hello Naka said...

awh thats great news! i wish i could go with u! hmm i would just recommend Mong Kok market/ Annahouse

and visit a hui lau sha

i hope this helps :3 have a great time ^^ and I disliked Macau, when i went I wasnt allowed anywhere becuase I was under 18 and it minaly just gambling there :(I hope u have a better time there though!

Elisa ♥ said...

whutttt.. You're going to hong kong again =D ? omg, so much fun !!! i'm jealoussss >.<" i also want to go !! i've never been to macau before ^__^. Take loadsss of pictures =D !

Jessy said...

i think your gonna have blast in HK~~~i luv luv luv Hong kong, not the shopping, but the food, and the people, and i hope u hav a wonderful trip!~~

CAMILLA said...

wow, dont forget to bring some pasalubong...

take care and enjoy

Shirley said...

Uwaaah!! Cute blog. Definitely go to Mongkok. The mall is huge! They have this escalator that goes up 4 stories at one time O__O & If you're from the US check out their pizza hut in Hong Kong. It's a huge difference.

Gerrytales said...

Ahhh you are so lucky to get to travel! I am sick of Australia.
I like Boys before Flower too ~~~
Hmm, I haven't been to Hong Kong ever, so I can't really recommend you good shops :( But I'm sure you'll find one very easily, since there is so many. My friend told me there is a LOT of shops to browse. >___<
Have fun deary ~

kaizokumousy said...

@Hello Naka- Thank you for the links and for helping me hun!^_^ I'll be sure to check it out!:))

@Elisa-I will take a LOT of pictures for sure ^_^ you should go hun!:)

@Jessy- Yes :) I love shopping there,So many nice things to see *o*

@CAMILLA- Thank you dear ^_^

@Shirley- huhu too bad I don't eat pizza =/ wow!I think I should reallly check macao.The last time I went there I wasn't able to go around that much.

@Gerry Tales-Australia is one of the place I really would love to see!!!^_^ thank you for vising dearL:)

OrangeFay said...

Hi sweetie, I have tagged you here ^^ Go and check it out! :)

Bibi said...

Hey Mimi!! I caught up with your posts! I enjoyed reading about your little DIY adventure painting your cabinet and half of your room XP I love to deco stuff myself. It usually looks better (because it’s completely what I want) and doesn’t cost as much as buying a new thing.
And I loved your make-up posts, as always. You’re so beautiful O.O And you looked really cute with your blonde wig, but so different as well. I guess changing hair colour really is one of the biggest changes someone can go through. You should do more videos too, seems like you had a lot of positive reactions on it, and it’s interesting to see how you apply your make up (I mean what order and what products you use…)
I loved the post where you talked about your little nephew’s graduation. So cute they have a graduation ceremony at such a young age. Can you believe I’ve never had a graduation ceremony? I think (not sure) we’ll get one once we’re graduated from uni, but I guess it’s not really a custom around here. And yum, crêpes *drools*
That pink party was so PINK! Wow, I hope when I reach the age of 60 I’ll still have a young spirit as that woman whose birthday you went to. And your hair looked awesome that day, I wish mine was as long as yours, so I could make a cute bun like that as well.
Congrats on your photoshoot and on winning that facebook contest BTW. Waa, you won so much goodies *jealous, but you deserve them :) *
I hope you’ll have a lot of fun going back to Hong Kong. Too bad your sister can’t join you, but I’m sure you’ll find enough stores and restaurants to keep you busy :P Ghah, I wish I could come with you, we’d have a blast!

Venus In Virgo said...

Have a great trip!
Try online searches for some great shopping tips to Hong Kong! Safe travels XOXO

kaizokumousy said...

@Bibi-Oh my gosh you are finally back!I missed you!!!<3

I'm very happy that someone like you would love to read my blogs :) hihi u make me smile :)

I will need to go to your blog and check if you have new post as well ^_^

@Orangefay-ok dear I will check it ^_^ thank you for tagging me btw :)

The Cat Hag said...

Awww I am so jealous, I am not due for me yearly HK trip as yet, and am missing all the shopping, food and most of all my friends there.

Have fun! :)

The Cat Hag

Sell WoW Account said...

have fun!:D HK has a lot of beautiful places especially Macau=3

나니 said...

AHAHAHA, oh god you're so cute! : D Thanks for following btw! I hope you see Lee Min Ho ; D


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