Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gyaru Nails

Hello dolls!^_^
Today I was inspired by the girls from Kera magazine to have a Gyaru nails.These girls have really long nails that has a lot of cute designs on it.Like beads,hearts,laces, and different decorations,which I find really cute to look at. If  you type on google, "Asian nails" or "Gyaru nails" and view the pictures, you will see a lot of very cute designs that will really inspire you to do it on your own nails.=)
Ok now time for some instant nail makeover!
If you have a shorter finger nails like mine, T_T
 Or you think  that it's really hard to design your own nail, then you could always purchase fake long nails like this.You could buy some fake nails with designs on it already.And there's lots of designs to choose from!=)
And I think, most of the gyaru  girls uses fake nails like this^^
So here's how my nails looked like after putting it on .
What do you think?^_^
A really cute and faster way to design your nails!This is great when you are going to a party. 
But I won't suggest this when you plan on doing somethings~Like typing!O.O hihi~
Have you tried Gyaru style nails?:o
Have a great day!^_^



Bibi said...

Oh these nails look so sweet!! But I don't think I would wear them, because it looks hard to type with them (and I use my computer a lot) Great nails to go out though!
You have curly hair? I didn't know that!! I once had my hair straightened with chemical thingies, but it only lasted for about two weeks *cries* So I didn't think it was worth sitting at the hairdresser for an entire afternoon just for that. Now I kind of grew fond of my curls, I look so different without them, it doesn't even look like me...

Glad you love the drawings!! I'll keep your suggestions in mind :) But I don't think I'll start another blog. Think I would spend too much time trying to update both on a regular basis, and I still have my schoolwork to worry about.

Thanks for the hug!!! *hugs back*

Becky said...

I'll try to post more of my outfits, but I don't have anyone to take photos of myself so it's a bit difficult to find how to take my photos

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

These are awesome. I have never seen nails like this before. Very cool.

Melody said...

Never tried Gyaru nails before >_< because I feel like I can't do much with so much crap on my nails ! hahaha. But I'm probably just not used to it ..

Oh and it's not really good for my uni work >_< since I need to do a lot of experiments ..it might cut through the gloves :P


Grace said...

Wow!! Amazing :))

MOON said...

So cute!! But I'm not allow to do nails anymore becoz of work -_-

Choiii said...

Never seen gyaru nails for sale before, maybe not be very convinent for everyday but so cute ^^


Hello Naka said...

i love the nails :3 i havent tried them but i really want too :3

kaizokumousy said...

@Bibi-haha yes bibi I know I had to remove this after because I can't type fast with it XD

oh, about your hair, I have some friends who had the same experience but it was a straight hair and she wants to curl it, but the curls only lasted for a week.Her hair straighten up again =.=

@becky-Cool^^ can't wait!

@Alicia-:) Thank you ms.alicia

@Melody-You are right you can't do so much with a very long nails.So It's just for fashion :P

@Grace-Yes it is THank You ^^

@Choii-=) You could look them online=) Yes it's really cute^^

@Naka-^_^ you should hun!^^

Dylana Suarez said...

This is all so cute!




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