Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shenzhen Day 4+ Cool and Cute Haul=)

Hello everyone!^_^
I'm sorry if it took me awhile to update you with my final post, well that's because I was busy with real life stuffs, that I didn't had time to post.=/  Anyway Today, I decided that I'll just share with you some stuffs that I got from Hong kong and Shen zhen.=)
 The outfit I wore going back to Manila.
Last picture of me with friends at Shenzhen.
Can you see the buildings behind me?They're all huge malls^o^ You won't finish shopping even if you stay here for a!
At the Airport
I found Hello Kitty Shop!*o*
So here are some pictures of the things I got.
I call this a ninja shoes.XD It looks really cool with buckles and skull studs on it.
 A cute stockings =)
 A small fox tail.I actually found a bigger one when I was in Hongkong.
So when I was in Shenzhen I bought this one.
 A pair of gloves
padlock and key
 A liquid eye liner.I bought this because of Tsubasa Masuwaka's picture.XD
cute ear muffs
And one of the piece I needed for the chobits cosplay :)
 Long Blonde wig which I bought from Hongkong.
and some chocolates?:)
So yesterday, I went to the mall to pay my bills ~o.o~ and found some cute stuffs that I'd like to share with you.I got Ninja Bonnet from the anime called Naruto.=)
 A one piece mask~ to prevent me from smelling dust haha.XD
 A punk bracelet~It looks heavy right?XD
 And a cheap yet so cute headphones :)
 This part of the headphone reminds me of Galaxy Angels hehe.^^
Did you buy something cute lately?=) share with me^^
I hope you have enjoyed my haul^_^
Thank you for visiting!=)

~Love mimiஐღ 


Bibi said...

Urgh, I need to catch up on your HK posts!!!
(will do so this weekend, when I have time to read it all and look at your pictures ^^)
You look gorgeous Mimi!! Very cute :)
Haha, ninja shoes :p They do look a bit ninja though. Elegant ninja ^^
And I love the ear muffs!! I want ear muffs too, but unfortunately, I can't wear them because it hurts T.T glasses -____-

Becky said...

I wish I could buy such cute things here!
Love the boots!

Grace said...

Absolutely love the haul and your style :D

Kaitlynn said...

i lovvvvve your hair!! and the shoes! fab shopping :)

Ice Pandora said...

Omgomgommg love your haul! The manga stuff are nice and I'm totally in love with that gorgoues headphone!
I miss Hongkong even more...


Hello Naka said...

nice haul! i lvoe the headphones and the eye liner ^^ nice gloves too :3 im so jeaslous!

Mutsumi said...

Oh, love your outfit ♥

The malls are looking amazing!!! So huge! And this airport...oh my...!!

Love the stuff you bought ♥ especially that golden punk bracelet!!!! I would totally buy this, too!!!

Dress Me Dearly said...

I just discovered your blog, very cute! I'm now a follower, and I invite you to follow me too!

FashionableAsians said...

So jealous you got to go to Shenzhen and HK! oh the damage I would do to my credit card if I went LOL really like all your purchases too!!


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