Saturday, March 26, 2011

Blueberry Friday

Hiiiiiiiiii  dolls!^_^
It's been awhile and there's a lot of happenings this week.I've got  a lot  of things to share with you,
I just need to find some time.I really need to catch up with my posts! o_o
(haha my title is funny. lulz!.the taste of the blueberry is so addicting!XD)

Today, my family and I went out to celebrate my nephews graduation.Seeing them on stage accepting their certificates and medals made me cried out of happiness.It's really nice to see these little kids grew up so quick.Time runs so fast and even I can't believe that I'm already done with all of these.I know how hard it is to wake up so early, dressing up the uniform with eyes still closed, mom trying her best to feed me during breakfast, and being scolded by my teacher because I'm late in class.XD Is it just me? Or you also had experienced these things?o.O -I bet you did!:P
We went out to eat.^^
The overlooking view~ Taal Volcano in Tagatay.
If you're planning to visit Philippines, be sure to go to Tagaytay.
One of the best place to find good restaurants and cafe's
 Ice Cweam!*o*
 At Cafe Breton
The cafe looks like an old house near the sea.I really like how it was designed.
I took some picture of their wall display while waiting for the orders.
 And here's the food that we ordered.*o* Yum!

I had Strawberry crepe,It has some real strawberries and strawberry flavored ice cream inside.
 The blueberry taste better though.
If you're wondering why I'm updating in the middle of the night, well that's because I fell asleep right after we came back home.I woke up just so I could post this up!XD hihi well anyway, I hope you enjoyed the pics!^^
What French crepe flavor would you like to order?^o^
have a great day everyone!^^

Love Mimi


MOON said...

Mmmmm I love blueberries! And I get so hungry after seeing your foodporn, I just ate XD

Becky said...

Aww The food made me feel hungry. lol

Venus In Virgo said...

Congrats to your nephew!!!
Have a great weekend XOXO

나니 said...

Nomnom food nomnom! : D I love crepes with ice cream!

kaizokumousy said...

@MOON- haha yes it's so yummy I dreamed of it!XD lol thanks for the visit hun :)

@Becky- ^_^ hehe I want to post more about food :D

@Venus in Virgo- Thank you dear ^_^

@나니 - ^_^ yummeh! yes they're delicious!^^

Melody said...

Your layout is cute btw *-*
and eee, the food looks so so yummmy <3 !! Definitely hungry now hehe xD

Idiosyncrasy and FASHION = ME said...

Hiya love your new post congrats on your families success omg i love the food photos i swear it makes me excited and hungry seeing thoses photos!!!!

hope you been happy.

Mint said...


Patrick said...

Aw the food looks so yummy! I LOVE crepes!

Btw I have a small question.. Could it be that you were playing Tales of Pirates some years ago? In Penguin Server?

Anonymous said...

awwww... congratulations to your nephews! i see medals wrapped on their neck, smart kids :)

wow! the last time i went to tagaytay was way back in highschool. im sure a lot has changed. and those food photos looks yum!

camgaga said...

i eat everything that is delicious..haha yummy crepes..

INSTINCT said...

looks delicious! your blog is so cute ^0^


kaizokumousy said...

@Melody-I'm planning on changing my blog layout too ^_^ I just need and idea on how I would change it.

@Idosyncrazy-Thank you dear ^_^

@Mint- hihi yes yummy^^

@Patrick- Yes I am kaizokumousy of Tales of Pirates-Penguin Server!^^

@Reina- Thank you dear :)
You should come back to tagaytay yes many things had change here :))

@Camgaga-*o* yes everything is yummy hihi

@Instinct- thank you ^_^


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