Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bihada Ichizoku Prize~Thank you!^_^

Thank you Eternity-Intertrade Singapore!~My prize finally arrived!*o*
Last month I joined a contest on facebook (click here to see my entry) and I won... 

I am
Thank you for voting and supporting me!:)
Kelly won Ms.Bihada~ she deserves it!Congrats dear!^^

They sent me Bihada Ichizoku products which are really cute and popular in Japan.
They have included a list and a letter for me to read.So happy~^.^~ 
Everything is written in japanese.o_o Lucky for me they placed a sticker on the back of the product with english instruction on how to use the product.:)
I received... 
Bihada Ichizoku Cleansing Gel
Bihada Ichizoku Foaming Facial Wash
Bihada Icizoku Peeling Clear Gel that ranked No.1 in Girlswalker
Bihada Ichizoku Finishing cream
Brightening,Dry skin, and Hyaluron Masks
Bihada Ichizoku Sexy Gloss in Sexy Beige
I have tried this earlier, I love the milky nude color and it smells really nice too!^^
Bihada Ichizoku Glamorous Gloss
I really love this clear gloss!*o* 
 It makes my lips shiny and smooth, and It moisturizes my lips without a sticky feeling.~hihi^^
Perfect for top coats.
Bihada Ichizoku Cheek in Glam Beige
I just tested the glosses,  Ichikami Shampoo and conditioner sample and I loved it!!!
The shampoo smells really nice except for the conditioner that smells like a herb o.o But it gives me a really good result.I felt like my hair became softer and shinier after first use.I will try to find this shampoo in Sasa when I come back in Hongkong~ hehe :)
I haven't really tried the other products yet~but I'm excited to test everything!^^ I will make a proper review post on later~:) But I won't promise, because I have loads of products that I showed before and haven't reviewed it all.=.= I'm so lazy lulz!go me ne~
I hope you enjoyed it dolls!^_^
Oh and I made my new signature.What do you think?^.^
like my fan page pweas!^_^ Thank you~


Becky said...

How lucky of you!
I'd like to try some asian brands like this.

나니 said...

Congrats on winning! : D

Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린 said...

waa... bihada ichizoku surely got a super cute packaging>.< do you know where I can buy it online?

Vintage Makeup said...

I love the packaging!

Anonymous said...

I guess you may want to get a twitter icon to your website. I just marked down the blog, however I had to complete it manually. Just my advice.

che said...

Congrats on winning :) They look your created was very cute.

Hello Naka said...

oh wow! they look so gd :3 i wish I had them :p congrats on winning ^^

Elisa ♥ said...

Congratssss!! Gosh, these products are normally very expensive ^^ !

Jennifer :) ~ said...

Aw congratulations! The items' packaging is so cute *_* Hope you can review these items, would love to hear about them hehe

kaizokumousy said...

@Becky- ^_^ You could try to find it from yesstyle :) they offer bihada ichizoku products there.

@나니 Thank you dear ^_^

@Hye Rin- Yes they are really cute ^_^ and you could find this at yesstyle or at :)

@Vintage Makeup- Thank you ^_^<3

@Anonymous- I have twitter~I will post a link on my sidebar for you :)

@Che- Thank you dear ^^

@Hello Naka-Thank you dear ^^

@Elisa-Yes it is kind of expensive, So winning it is really nice :) Really good products too!^^

@Jennifer- I will review them once I used it dear ^^

Kenzie said...

The packaging is adorable!

oomph. said...

lucky you! love the cute!

Mint said...

DAMN i love that heroine make-up stuff! but its usually so small! (like their bb cream)

ankyl said...

cute blog! I like it!!

greetings from Poland!


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