Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm going back to Hong Kong!^o^

Woohoo!I'm very excited to share this with you dolls, I'm going back to Hong Kong!~^o^~
and... I'm also going to Macao!~ I really really want to go to this place because of  "Boys over Flower" and I hope to meet Lee Min Ho there!*_*♡ lol~
So here's the story...
I was surprised when my brother asked me If I want to go back to Hong Kong, Of course I'd say "YES!".
So he told me to packed my bags and this time, I don't have to pay for anything because he'll be the one to pay for my plane ticket, which means that all my monehs,will only go for my food and for shopping!*o*
How cool is that?~hihi
I already prepared all the stuffs that I want to bring with me.But I still need to check what things I'm forgetting.
The sad thing about this trip is that this time my sister won't be able to come with me.T_T I pretty much rely on  her on all things, and I'm spoiled to her because I'm the youngest, I tend to not worry about anything.But now I will be on my own huhu~ kuwaii!x.x I hope I don't get lost there.lool I'm like a kid!XD
How's the temperature in Hong Kong?Is it still cold? The last time I went there, it was super cold!o.o I can check it on google right now to see if it's cold or it's hot but it's better if you'd tell me if you are from HK~this is for me to know what clothings I should bring.=)

Do you know any ANIME shops there that sells wigs,costumes etc.etc? Where?o.o

Or just give me tips where I can find good shops! =)

Thank you!^_^
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bihada Ichizoku Prize~Thank you!^_^

Thank you Eternity-Intertrade Singapore!~My prize finally arrived!*o*
Last month I joined a contest on facebook (click here to see my entry) and I won... 

I am
Thank you for voting and supporting me!:)
Kelly won Ms.Bihada~ she deserves it!Congrats dear!^^

They sent me Bihada Ichizoku products which are really cute and popular in Japan.
They have included a list and a letter for me to read.So happy~^.^~ 
Everything is written in japanese.o_o Lucky for me they placed a sticker on the back of the product with english instruction on how to use the product.:)
I received... 
Bihada Ichizoku Cleansing Gel
Bihada Ichizoku Foaming Facial Wash
Bihada Icizoku Peeling Clear Gel that ranked No.1 in Girlswalker
Bihada Ichizoku Finishing cream
Brightening,Dry skin, and Hyaluron Masks
Bihada Ichizoku Sexy Gloss in Sexy Beige
I have tried this earlier, I love the milky nude color and it smells really nice too!^^
Bihada Ichizoku Glamorous Gloss
I really love this clear gloss!*o* 
 It makes my lips shiny and smooth, and It moisturizes my lips without a sticky feeling.~hihi^^
Perfect for top coats.
Bihada Ichizoku Cheek in Glam Beige
I just tested the glosses,  Ichikami Shampoo and conditioner sample and I loved it!!!
The shampoo smells really nice except for the conditioner that smells like a herb o.o But it gives me a really good result.I felt like my hair became softer and shinier after first use.I will try to find this shampoo in Sasa when I come back in Hongkong~ hehe :)
I haven't really tried the other products yet~but I'm excited to test everything!^^ I will make a proper review post on later~:) But I won't promise, because I have loads of products that I showed before and haven't reviewed it all.=.= I'm so lazy lulz!go me ne~
I hope you enjoyed it dolls!^_^
Oh and I made my new signature.What do you think?^.^
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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Makumi Photoshoot-Dance with the Dead

Hello everyone!^_^
Last week, I had my first ever photoshoot with a friend-Maku, who is also a blogger from Fierced Fashion.
We've just met recently.He always buy fashion clothings and hair dyes from my store that we got to talk about blogs, Kpop and Jpop fashion and photo shoot.If you have read my older post, you would know that I love to dress up and take pictures of myself, but I only do it inside my room.He suggested me that I should take it to the next level and take pictures outside- and so we did.
I'm not really  used to pose when someone is holding the camera for me.This is my first time doing this but because he is easy to work with,I wasn't shy.So here's the result of my photoshoot.^_^
I will upload more pictures on my fb fanpage later.
I hope that you enjoyed it!^_^
 Do you love taking pictures and pose like a model?;)
mimi: Yes!hehe

Thanks for the lovely comments that you left me on my last post^^
See you on my next post dolls!=)

Love Mimi

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pink and Pastel Birthday Party

Hello dolls!^_^
Just a quick post of what had happened to me today.I went to another event of Isaak which is the "Pink Lola" Birthday Party.I was kind of hesitant to go at first because I'm not really feeling well, But my sister insisted and said that the party's theme color is "pink" which made me say "Yes, I'm going!"*o*

Who say's that only teenagers could have pink party like this?o_o
The birthday celebrant is already 60 years old, which made me imagine myself when I turned 60.I wanted to have a birthday party celebration just like this.I also want it to be pink!I don't believe that when people aged they need to choose colors like brown or classic black and white.Or that everything needs to be formal.I believe that choosing something you really like and things that makes you happy is what matters most.
The colors pink and purple made me think of Lolitas^^
The celebrant requested for a Ice scramble instead of Ice cream.
Ice Scramble is a Pinoy street food.It's a flavored crushed ice with chocolate syrup and milk on top.You could also add toppings of your choice.You only get to eat this on streets,usually outside the elementary school. I had flashbacks after eating this lol!
 I'm sorry for the low quality pictures, I have high quality ones but I'm too lazy to upload them again x.x
But I promise to post a video of this event tomorrow so that  could share it with you.^_^
Here is the outfit I wore for this day, If only I was prepared for this I would bring all my pink dresses!But the only dress I have in my brother's closet is this one.T_T
Thanks for reading dolls I hope you enjoyed it!I'm really sleepy now so got to go=.= Goodnight!
 What kind of birthday party would you like when you get older?
mine would be a lolita birthday party hihi

 Love mimi

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Blueberry Friday

Hiiiiiiiiii  dolls!^_^
It's been awhile and there's a lot of happenings this week.I've got  a lot  of things to share with you,
I just need to find some time.I really need to catch up with my posts! o_o
(haha my title is funny. lulz!.the taste of the blueberry is so addicting!XD)

Today, my family and I went out to celebrate my nephews graduation.Seeing them on stage accepting their certificates and medals made me cried out of happiness.It's really nice to see these little kids grew up so quick.Time runs so fast and even I can't believe that I'm already done with all of these.I know how hard it is to wake up so early, dressing up the uniform with eyes still closed, mom trying her best to feed me during breakfast, and being scolded by my teacher because I'm late in class.XD Is it just me? Or you also had experienced these things?o.O -I bet you did!:P
We went out to eat.^^
The overlooking view~ Taal Volcano in Tagatay.
If you're planning to visit Philippines, be sure to go to Tagaytay.
One of the best place to find good restaurants and cafe's
 Ice Cweam!*o*
 At Cafe Breton
The cafe looks like an old house near the sea.I really like how it was designed.
I took some picture of their wall display while waiting for the orders.
 And here's the food that we ordered.*o* Yum!

I had Strawberry crepe,It has some real strawberries and strawberry flavored ice cream inside.
 The blueberry taste better though.
If you're wondering why I'm updating in the middle of the night, well that's because I fell asleep right after we came back home.I woke up just so I could post this up!XD hihi well anyway, I hope you enjoyed the pics!^^
What French crepe flavor would you like to order?^o^
have a great day everyone!^^

Love Mimi


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