Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I have a black wings!Guess who am I going to cosplay as? O.O

Hello everyone!^_^ 
Today I went out to find materials that I needed for the costume.~I finally decided which character I'm going to cosplay as. Guess who is it?^^ Thank you so much guys for helping me pick the right character for me.It was really hard to choose but your comments on my last post helped me a lot.But don't worry if I didn't picked the character you chose for me, I promise to cosplay them later.^_^ How I wish I could cosplay them all at once but I can't XD It's hard!
I made a fansign for a friend.He collects FS and he made one for me so I thought that it would be nice if I make one for him as well.Here's what he made for me~It's Domo-kun holding a fansign!*o*
~ He wrote"Lee Mimin Ho"-he know's that I really like Lee Min Ho(korean actor)^^
*o* Time to was my brushes~
I also cleaned all my brushes today.My kabuki brushes looks cute.Now I'm just waiting for them to dry.

Eating choco while watching my favorite anime!^o^
 And eat again...o.o I bought some food at mcdonalds while on my way home.
By the way, here's what I bought at SM.I found this black wings at kid's section.o.o I really like how well it's made and I'm just lucky to have this because they don't always sell stuffs like this there.I'm excited to wear it!*o*
So the character I'll be cosplaying is Freya^_^
Freya doesn't really have a wings I'm still not sure If I'm going to wear this.What do you think?
Now I just need to look for the right wig and persocoms ears.My bestfriend will be cosplaying chii,so now I got a partner.Sounds cool right?^^
So what do you think?
Should I wear wings for freya or not?:o
Have a good day!^_^
~Love mimiஐღ 


Becky said...

Can't wait to see you! You'll look gorgeous for sure (^_^)

Ken said...

cute hat!

i used to eat maltesers too

Clover said...

ah soooooooo cute hun! I'm sure you will look gorgeous!

Venus In Virgo said...

Thanks for that info on the blue rose in anime movies :) Your photos are making me hungry as I love choco malt balls :) I was gonna buy white angel wings last year for a costume but they were too expensive. The black ones are nicer and can't wait for you to do a look with them XOXO

P o o p e r said...

You would make an awesome Freya! <3 And I think the wings will look good even if Freya doesn't haven't any. ^_^ Though those are pretty scary looking to be at a kid's section! xD I love them, they remind me of Black Swan!

Janel said...

Cool! Looking forward to the final look :)


Melody said...

Eee! I can't wait to see your cosplay!! I watched Chobits AGES AGO but I kinda forgot it now x) hehe. And I have black wings too!! but they're kinda cheap and not that good :C

<3 <3 <3

MayClover said...

cosplay is awesome! Have fun ^^
Nice blog!

Dolce♥Bunny said...

That is so cool! and since your friend will be chii that will make such a cute photo~!
hmm... Maybe no wings? than again.. the wings is cute.... maybe wait till the last moment and try on and see? :P

konayukiss said...

love your kabuki brushes! *jealous*
where did you buy them from? ahh madness... i want!! :)

Anonymous said...

ohh you have to put up the pics when you dress up as freya!! i say yes to the wings!! you always look really cute, Mimi!

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

I love your Domo bag, but then again, I love most Domo items! :3


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