Friday, February 18, 2011

Bihada Beauty Queen Contest~My entry

 Hello dolls!^_^
Finally!I have something to share.Today I joined Bihada Ichizoku Contest.^o^ One reason why I joined is because I like the anime called Bihada Ichizoku!Second is I like to create looks and copy anime characters.Please support my entry~ there are also other blogger friends support them too!^o^ 
First:Like their page-> {x}
Second:Like my picture -> {x}
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Bihada Ichizoku
This anime is about two beautiful sisters Saki and Sarah, who won in WBC (World Beautiful Skin Competition)But later on they had to compete with each other in the contest.This is a very short story yet I like it's moral lesson it shares.It made me realize that taking care of the skin is important, but also having a good heart is something you need to keep as well.The anime also share some beauty tips.^_~ *wink

Ok back to the contest!^_^ The winner will be the next Bihada Beauty queen,Who wouldn't want to be entitled Beauty queen?XD And everytime I read the word "Miss Bihada" all I can think of is anime haha XD
Of course I want to win!By the way This one is my entry, Pink rose and pink dress reminds me of Bihada Sarah that is why I decided to have a rose ribbon on my head and wore a pink dress with pink flower prints on it.^_^
More pics!^_^
Did you notice something?~I have longer hair right?^_^ I'm wearing hair extension,Seeing this makes me really want to have longer hair, It makes me look like girly girl I think.My real curly and messy hair matches my hair extension.^3^
I really had fun creating this dolly look!^_^ and I hoped that you liked it too!=)
Makeup really does make a difference, Doesn't it?
Even I feel like I'm pretty and look really different with it!o.o

Have a great day!

~Love mimiஐღ 


Bibi said...

Waa Mimi! You look cute as always ^^ Very fresh makeup, and I like the flower headband. And long hair is beautiful... Grow hair grow!!

silvia Navarro said...

I have discovered yor blog!!!
very very cute!!!

Kelly_konomi said...


yaaaa! i love extension!
makes me feel like a girl more =D hehehe

Anonymous said...

i love this! you look sooooooo cute! i love the way youve done your hair there!

Ken said...

ur so cute~

Becky said...

You look gorgeous! you did a great job (^_^)

Clover said...

I love the look! you look very pretty! and it is very inspiring, dear^^


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