Monday, February 28, 2011

Hong Kong Disneyland+Fireworks Video-Day 2

Hello everyone!^_^
So today, I~lady Gaga (haha)^^  will share to you about my second day in Hong Kong.*o*
We are very excited on this day because were going to DisneyLand!=) We prepared and ate our breakfast.(to be honest, I didn't enjoy the food.Maybe because I'm not use to it, It taste is different-.-)
We Stayed at Dorsett Far East Hotel.This Hotel is very far from the shops.There are other around our building but those are the one's that sells very expensive stuffs.And I wished we stayed in a hotel near clothing and accessories shops.=.=
We left early in the morning for another city tour.But in my opinion we should have just went directly to Disneyland because it's really a waste of time that they brought us to factories that sells gold accessories~I'm not very interested about it because maybe they are fake?O.o ~Well the funny thing is that while were on the bus our tour guide keeps on telling us the details about these accessories, like they were promoting it.And  then later on they brought us to a factory that sells this kind accessories!!! One thing I didn't like is that they are forcing everyone to buy!!!>.> I'm sorry if I keep on complaining a lot~I'm just expressing myself =) heehee
Then we we went to Wan Chai.This place looks really good at night.I love Hong Kong at night because the city is very bright!:) 
Time to go to DisneyLand!!!:D
My ticket =) hehe I'm super excited!!!
Let the magic begin!:) wohoo!!!
I can't really say how excited and happy I am to be here.This isn't the biggest disney land, but being here, is one of the best experience I ever had.:)
haha my group~ they are all so tired!!!XD We had to take a break and eat.

Then try out some rides!:D
~* ~Small World~*~
me and sis :)
~*~Tarzan's Tree House~*~
I've only seen few disney characters =/ because of that city tour we're late!=.=
Here's a video I got =) I hope you'll enjoy watching it.Actually it looks better in real life than in the video because it's not so clear.XD oh I'm sorry if It's not so good.I keep moving a lot and I know it's annoying~haha!

I really enjoyed the fireworks show :) It was really magical!!!~
Do you love watching fireworks too?
Disney Land closed and guess what happened to my group? Our bus left us behind!O.O We're slow because we went to take a break for a bit and take some pictures inside.Then we went to the parking lot to see that it's empty! No one waited for us!.>.> I really didn't like it they left us just because we're late 5 minutes!What if we didn't have money to ride a taxi!?What will happen to us in Hong Kong?Even it's a strict rule that we can't be late, still we are tourist and we don't know anything there.-So we ride an MTR to go to Mongkok.Then we try to find our way home.The next day~ Some people are worried about us, and other's are happy that the bus left  without usO.o weird right?some people are just mean.-.-
Anyway, I didn't regret that they left us, because we learned to travel in Hong Kong without them.=) We went to MongKok which is a very good place to go for shopping!!!(and those who left us didn't experienced that because for sure they went back to our hotel haha :P)OMYGOSH!!!I love MongKok~so many fashion clothings and accessories O.O and I really wish I could go back there again.:)
Thank you and I hope you enjoyed what I shared today!^_^
Bye Bye~ See you again tomorrow for my Day 3 in Hong Kong post!

~Love mimiஐღ 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hong Kong ~City Tour and Ocean Park-Day 1

Hello everyone!^_^
I'm finally back from Hong Kong!I missed you all!^.^ I also missed my blog and reading everyone's posts and comments.*o*
As promised I will share with you what happened to me in Hong Kong.So I went there with my sister and friends last week.I was super excited! It isn't the first time I rode a plane.However, this is the first time I went to other country, so It was very exciting for me.=) 
A view from above
After arriving in Hong Kong, our bus and headed to our hotel to leave our luggage.It was not a good idea that they didn't even let us inside our rooms to rest or prepare for a bit, but instead they tour us around the city.I was sleepy that time so I wasn't even paying attention to what the tour guide is saying.We are all hungry and we are not prepared with the cold temperature of Hong kong.
We are very hungry and tired from the trip.The good thing is that we bought some food from the airport and we ate it in the Park.We had no choice but to eat there, because we are leaving in fifteen minutes for Ocean Park.x.x
 We saw some Japanese actors and actress filming in the park.I don't know what are they filming but my sister said it's like a comedy show.I'm not really familiar with their faces though.
We decided to ride a cable car.But guess what happened after that?O.O We all got scared!It was so high and it takes so long to reach the other side too!I feel like I'm going to fall~ >.< I didn't feel safe with those cable cars at all~they have very think wires x.x.You could see from the pictures How high it is!o.o
After  that experience with the cable car, I didn't tried other rides anymore lol!
~ I just went to look around the shops for some cute things and stuff toys.:)
 I brought a calculator with me.It's a way of communicating with the Chinese people when buying something.Because some of them can't understand or speak english~But of course they know numbers,they are very good at this!!!
I went to see a real Panda!So cute *o* He's eating~
And some more pics inside Ocean Park =)
This cute little squid reminds me of my game Tales of Pirates.XD
 Then we took a break.We ate and rest for a bit.
(This cat didn't really ate the fries, he just smell it.He's really super cute.*o*)
There's a lot more pictures taken but I will only show what happened to me on my first day in Hong Kong.
Tomorrow, I will post my second day which is about Disney Land ^_^
I hope you enjoyed the pictures!^_^
Thank you for visiting~:)

~Love mimiஐღ 


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