Friday, January 7, 2011

Strip Tease♥ ^.~

Ok so today I'm going to strip for you ladies!^o^Haha did my intriguing title just got you?:) Anyway, Since you are already here, Let me share with you the product that was sent  to me by

the package they sent me includes
-100g strip tease cold wax
- wooden spatula
-10 pcs cloth strips
and an instruction sheet
(the pink towel is mine-I'll be using it to clean my legs after waxing)
Haha~ I'm brave enough to show my legs!*_*
Even though I got thin hairs on my legs, hairs are still very ugly to see right?XD
I always think that Hair-free legs is sexy!
So Let's start  Stripping it!;)
I applied the cold sugar wax on to my legs.
And rubbed the cloth strip onto the waxed area.And pulled the strip back quickly.
No not at all! At first, I though that waxing could be really painful...I've seen it in the movies before, how people scream when their having hair wax removal.But to be honest, I just felt an ant bite for a second~ And viola!The hair is gone!^^
I did it again...and again...I would have stopped already if it's really painful.Right? :D
Before and After~^_^~
And were done!Now I can show off my  smooth and silky legs ^_~ wink* hihi
I only waxed half of my legs because I was only sent a  trial kit which isn't enough for full legs.If you are planning to use the strip tease cold sugar wax, I suggest that you buy a bigger size container if you want to wax full legs.This product comes in different sizes.
-Ready to Use-No need to heat or mix!
-It smells sweet of course^_^ ~ no irritating chemical smell.
-It's water soluble, so you can rinse it easily with water.
-All natural ingredients, It's good for the skin
-It contains honey and sugar, so it needed to be placed somewhere that won't attract ants.
I don't know where to place it because it's sticky too~Do not place it in a refrigerator!
So what I think?
This is the first time I waxed my legs I was scared to wax it at first,but I'm very happy that It didn't hurt at all.^_^ I'm really happy with the result! I had a great experience for my first time
Will I recommend this product?
YES I will! and I'll definitely use it again!
I read that waxing legs is better than shaving it)

If you want to try this cold sugar wax please visit

(This are all based on my true and honest opinion.I was not paid to review this product :))

If not, WHAT OTHER METHODS you did? let me know please...^^

~Love mimiஐღ 


Jennifer :) ~ said...

Oh wow they worked so well for you ^_^ Silky smooth hehe. It looks really simple to use that wax!

Clover said...

haha^^ very cool post, dear!

if I wax my legs it depends if I have pain. xD I don't know. parts of my legs don't seem to have nerves so I don't feel any pain. but on other parts....^^°°°°

(and sorry if I were too nice last time^^ I'm just honest and a very bright person. So I need always to express my feelings xD. Sorry if I bothered you, hun.)

siwing said...

i have never tried waxing, but it sounds cool! no heat.. and you can wash it off! hehe.. =) thanks for the review!

Bibi said...

You're so right: waxing isn't all that painful! It just stings a bit at first (like an ant bite ^^ -- movies really exaggerate) but if you don't give up and just get on with it, you don't feel it all that much.
I think it's better than shaving too!! The downside is that you have to wait until the hairs are long enough to wax again...

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I used leg wax once and had to was soo painful although my pain threshold is very very low. Your legs look great though

sssdawna said...

great review! i'm really interested in trying the Shobha brand sugar wax : ) hopefully it works as well for me as this did for you!

Venus In Virgo said...

Great review, love that you added photos of your legs, you have nice legs by the way :) Waxing is so painful! But it works better than shaving XOXO

☆ NachiPoo said...

;D Mhm yo legs be looking pretty fine girl! lol. I think legs are very sexy, they need to be nice and toned and like you said hair free!

The waxing kit looks painful but sooo much better than a shave :D

Becky said...

I'm really bad when applying wax to myself...but I like the results when I do it

Coco said...

your legs look super silky !
does it hurt though :S
i've always been told not to wax/shave my legs. & luckily i don't that much hair but i still want to!

- Coco

Bibi said...

Heyhey Mimi, I've got an award for you! Come see my latest blogpost! ^^


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