Tuesday, January 18, 2011

DollFace Makeup Brush Set in PINK!!!^_^

Hello everyone!^o^
Today I just want to share with you the new brush set that I got.Yay for the pink brush set!I really really love that it's pink (even just the case, it already made me happy).It's so soft and my bf got me this so I really really like it.*o* One of my xmas wishlist was a pink brushe set, I actually forgot about that already but yeah he still bought it even it's already late.:3 I'm so happy thank you!^_^( I noticed that I keep typing the word "really" so much!hahaXD

This is from Dollface Cosmetics.I was very impressed with their costumer service, and I'm glad that I received my package in good condition!^_^

The Case is in pearl pink color.I love the case *o*
 The brushes were made of squirrel and synthetic bristles.I found out that Synthetic brushes works really well with liquid foundation THAN using natural hair brushes because natural hair bristles will just absorb your foundation.O.O And...that Squirrel brushes were the softest animal hair and the most expensive type of makeup brush.But were lucky that we only got this for only $20 ^^(I'm really against animal killing though>.<) source: google

I got 12 pcs of brushes which includes
A powder brush and blush brush
 Concelear brush
 Large, Medium and Small eye shadow brushes
 Pencil brush,angeled eyeliner/brow brush,precise eyeliner brush,lipstick brush
 Eyeshadow brush/comb,spooly
I'm happy that I got really good quality brushes.They are bigger than how it looks like on the pictures.They're like professional brushes.O.O I'm surprised about that too!Even my mom likes it.These were actually the one's I used to apply for my makeup look  last time. But of course I'm still wanting to get a branded brushes like MAC or Sigma.I heard  a lot about this brushes and I bet they work really good.It's just that I can't have it because it's too expensive for me.x_X And I hope that by the time I could afford them, MAC would have a pink brush collection!:3 I know that sigma has already released they're new brushes in color pink and that's why I joined the contest hoping to win that!XD
Thank You for visiting!Have a great day!^_^

~Love mimiஐღ 


Jennifer :) ~ said...

Aww it's so pretty! I want a pink brush set x) I've got lots of random brushes like a few from Sigma and other brands but it would be nice having a set of brushes that are all the same size and fit together in a roll hehe. They look like really good quality, hope that they work well for you :D

siwing said...

so pretty and cute ~!

Kaitlynn said...

soooooooooooooo cuteee! love them

Hello Naka said...

tehe i likle the colour pink ^6 i think they lok cool :) i hope u win the MAC bursh set!

Elisa ♥ said...

it looks pretty =D and whoaaa quite long as well !

Mutsumi said...

Just 20$? Wow, you really were lucky ! xD

Bibi said...

Wow such beautiful brushes! I like it that they have white handles and pink metal-what-do-they-call-those-things-that-hold-the-brush-hairs...
Comes in a cute and handy pouch too. I love it, wish I had something alike ^^

Silkybow said...

This is such a cute brush set! I love the pink colour too waaa ^_^

Kelly said...

Very cute blog -- I am a new follower!

Please check out my blog if you get a chance -- I am currently hosting an Urban Decay giveaway :)


Melody said...

THEY LOOK SO GORGEOUSSSS!!! *-* I want these brushes hehe. Where'd you buy them from and for how muchh :3?

And eee, I can't wait to see you use them out ^-^!

POONG said...

oh, this brush set is very cute, i like pink colour :)

ps. you should try pink platform shoes;) it's not hard on walking at all, and be very cute shoes

Anonymous said...

your bf is super sweet to gift you with MU brushes! They all look so cute... i feel like getting new MU brushes now..

moon said...

Wow, they're so cute >w< !

I actually own a lot of make-up brushes myself, but over the months they started dissapearing one by one and I usually end up using my fingers, lol XD

Clover said...

woa they are so pretty!!!! I love them! and it's great that they have a good quality.
I'm also against animal killing so I appreciate your brushes even more^^

Venus In Virgo said...

Really cute brush set. I like the brand name too XOXO

miss_umi said...

hey ! i love that brushes . are they nylon or animal's hair ? please reply .

kaizokumousy said...

Hello :) Its a combination of sythethic and squirrel hair brushes:)


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