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88 Eye Shadow and 66 Lip Color Palettes

88 palette with mirror

Hello dolls!^_^I want to share my story with you~ But just skip it if you think it's too long!XD
 When I started my makeup collection.(And I'm still startingXD) 
I know that some of you who will be reading my post right now have already gone through this situation where in...At first I started liking makeups, then I start watching beauty gurus on YouTube, Browsing on sephora and other sites for makeups and beauty products,Searching for good deals and discounts of makeups, reading magazines about beauty secrets,buying makeups.etc..etc.. And I've been through all this and I still am getting more and more addicted, which is why I asked my mom "is this normal?". "Yes, it's a part of a women's life"- you'll get more addicted. she replied to me.

I read beauty bloggers posts about makeups and that's when I started to make my own blog too!^_^ I joined a bloggers by creating a makeup look.And my first makeup look was "awful"XD well that's what my brother said. >.> He told me that "my face was so white,my eye shadows where messed up and that I'm to glittery" hahaha!I was sad but then I realized that its a part of learning and that I don't own any makeup or eye shadows to play with. O.o sooo long story... but hey that's how I got my first Eye Shadow Palette!(if you DON'T want to see the first look I created DON't  browse on my old postsXD)
Up until now I continue to like makeup and still buying makeups.I'm just happy that my family and friends were very supportive, because every time they buy me something, It's related to makeup!XD

Back to the topic!^^
Here's the 88 Eye Shadow palette that I'm using to create different looks.I received this one from my brother.(I guess he gifted me this to me so He won't see me with a glitter I shadow I used before.hmp!)I don't know which website he bought this from but I believe there's a lot of palettes similar to this that you can find  in any online stores like for example~Coastal Scent, Ebay or Amazon.And this would not cost you a lot of money.=)

88 Eye Shadow palette-mixed of matte and satin colors
The Case Cover~ It's super shiny ( you could see my shirt on it)*o*
And here's some swatches =)
I bought a  66 lip color Palette from Dollface Cosmetics 
Here's how the packaging looks like.And the Makeup case is not shiny.But It's a good case!There's dollface name on the side which I think looks nice.I like their brand name^^
A LOT of lip colors to choose from-From dark pigmented to light lipstick color.
There's also glosses with glitters ^^

I have tested some of this already but I'm saving the colors for my later makeup looks to share.hihi ^o^
Colors that I like from this palette
The pink ones <3
Metallic blue,Gold
White and maroon.
I have little tips to those who want to start their makeup collection ^_^  And for those who want to start their makeup collection but low on budget?~Read =)

Tip#1-Own a palette with a lot of colors to choose from~buy some palettes like this because it's worth it!^^
You could use it for practicing and creating different looks. and It's an inexpensive makeup.But of course if you could buy something expensive or better palettes why not? It's your own choice^_^
Tip#2 Read blogs and reviews  about  the makeup you want to buy and see what they say about it- But remember that not everything they say and works good on them will work for you.

Tip#3 Always invest on good brushes~>.< Yeah I always hear this! BUT what if you don't have the money to buy those expensive brushes? Well... you could always use your fingers!haha Just kidding =) There are shops online that sells good brushes and doesn't cost so much.For sure you'll find one from reading reviews^^
Tip#4 Have a cabinet, boxes, or makeup organizer to put all your makeups.They are your precious treasures now.You don't want them to break, or having little kids play on them!And because you are just starting you don't want to loose something you just bought right?:( Keep them safe! (I know this because I have a little angel devil that visit's my room sometimes!(my sister's little girl)XD
~also this will keep your makeup table clean =)
Tip#5 Have a favorite brand~ Mine was Etude House- A korean brand makeup^_^
In my opinion, Having a favorite brand will help you to complete your makeup set, without making you buy a lot of unwanted makeup from different brands~Which is a lot of waste!>.<
You'll think it's hard but if you could go out shopping~There are makeup shops that allows you to try their makeup =) Try them and see which will suit your taste and will be good for you.

Well that's it!This is what I did and It helped me to invest on products I really wanted.I hope that this litte tips will be helpful to you.And if you have other tips to share, suggestions please leave a comment below.I would love to hear them!^_^
Thank you for visiting!^^
~Love mimiஐღ 


Oami said...

Hey :3
I see that U are really crazy about make-up ^^ Cool~! Your new pallet is amazing *____* (can U explain me how metallic blue could look good on lips? XD hahaha~)

Maybe U will visit my blog and leave a comment too? It really means a lot for me~
See U around (^U^)

Becky said...

Thank you for the tips!

Btw, can you do some swatches of the lipstick palette? I'm thinkin about buying one, but I want to see some swatches before buying it

Hello Naka said...

tehe thanks for the tips ^^ i like to read blog ot help with makeup too :3

moon said...

Sankyouu for the useful advice!

I was eyeing on this palette too, because I see bloggers and beautygurus raving about it and it's super cheap compared for what you get. :D

Venus In Virgo said...

I love Coastal Scents. I want to try this doll face brand out too. XOXO

Kat said...

great post!! thanks for sharing!!

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

yay great palettes. you have come a long way since starting your blog which is awesome!
awesome tips....completely agree with all of them.

Harumi said...

Hiii!! thanks for the comment ;3!! your blog is very lovely with the pink and all ^^

And the palettes & brushes are very cute too!!


Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

Cool looking palate. I feel like painting when I see it :-)

Venus In Virgo said...

Just wishing you a great weekend! XOXO

Clover said...

hey hun! great post!
I totally agree with you in all points!^^ haha and I'm addicted to ordering my makeup stuff. xD
the palettes are great and have a lot of different colours. that's very practical! I love it!

I will do a new post tomorrow!^^

Jennifer said...

wow so many colors all in one palette :D so handy!


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