Monday, January 3, 2011

20ten memories and My plan for 2011

There's a lot of things that happened to me last year.This post would be my last post about the past.Just to share the things that I loved about the year 2010.

~My first red hair highlights which later turned orange then became yellow.This is something that I've never had and my sister was against the idea but I did it anyway.:D
~I won my very first Table tennis Championship game.My friends listed my name, I was never that good but I won because I'm eager to get the gold medal for them.They're my inspiration.Lucky we won!
~I first thought that contact lenses were hurtful, but I end up liking them because they change my look.
~I started selling korean circle lenses which me and my friends love.And this is something I love to do to ^_^
~Had my first birthday celebrated with my whole family.(they were always busy so being with all of them is a big deal)

~I graduated and this was a very big accomplishment for me. I made my mom happy of course.:)
~I started my own shop-fashion accessories and hello kitty stuffs.
~I made my first blog and met many new friends.I am really happy that I discovered this.^^
~I started collecting makeups.I love it!^^
~I learned how to apply makeup to myself.:) you'll see in the picture above just some of the pics where I started wearing makeup.I don't always wear makeup so It's easyto see the improvements.I think I improved?*o* hihi

For Beauty Plans for this year 2011:
~For this year, I want to start going to the gym.I know it would be hard but I'll try my best to be in perfect shape.And I promise not to make any excuses for not going.=.=
~I will always clean my makeup brushes!(I know I'm very lazy to do it =.=)
~And will not be lazy with removing makeup on my face.>.< And doing a cleaning routine.
~Last but not the least, I will not cut my hair short!!!And that's a promise to my hair!haha

Well that's about it.I won't make my list too long because I don't want to end up not doing all of it @_@
Thank you for visiting and reading my post ^_^
Have a great day!
~Love mimiஐღ 


Bibi said...

Have a very happy 2011, and I hope you can keep to your planning ^^
Haha, I love how you promised your hair not to cut it short. I want to grow mine too. But it's hard... T.T I always want to cut it halfway T.T

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Great lists. I need to do the one about cleaning my makeup brushes too...its been forever and they aren't looking very good. Im so lazy though.
Happy 2011

Clover said...

hi dear!
Seems like 2010 was very succesful for you. I'm happy.
And I wish it will be even more like this in the future. fighting!^^

yes I should also clean my brushes more often and go to the gym... no excuses..ahhh^^

your're my role model^^ I need your motivation^^

Bibi said...

You're right, I should look at someone who has the type of hair that I want.
There used to be this girl who was a year above me in uni, and she had such wonderful long hair, loose curls, silky smooth... I was (am :p) so jealous of her hair. I should try hard and let mine grow until I have hair like hers... (^^)/


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