Monday, January 31, 2011

Ranma 1/2 Inspired Look

Hello everyone!^_^
It's been awhile and I missed blogging.The good news is that I feel a lot better now!^_^ And as promised I created a new look.Today's look was inspired by Ranma 1/2.The Chinese red dress inspired me to dress up as Ranma because this is the kind of dress she always wear.The female version of Ranma has an orange hair color but I don't have any orange wig.Some of the pictures were blurry because it's getting dark and It's really hard to take pictures inside the house without a good lighting so I'm pretty much just relying on the windows light.I hope you still like my pictures though.^_^ 
Sumexy Ranma Pose ^o^
Makeup products used:
haha almost all are from Etude house XD

Etude House Essence Collagen primer
Etude House Baby Skin Base
Etude House Essence Collagen Foundation
Etude House loose powder
Etude house liquid eyeliner
Etude House mascara
88 palette
66 palette
I'm  also wearing my newest contact lens-Geo Diva circle lens.I love it!^_^
What is Ranma 1/2?
Ranma 1/2 is one of my favorite anime.
The story revolves around a 16-year old boy named Ranma Saotome who was trained from early childhood in martial arts. As a result of an accident during a training journey, he is cursed to become a girl when splashed with cold water, but hot water will change him back into a boy.Source:Wikepedia-Picture:Google
The picture above shows Ranma's different looks.Black hair when he is a guy and Orange hair when he turns into a girl.
Thanks for visiting!^_^
~Love mimiஐღ 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

✿Kaichou wa Maid Sama✿

Hello everyone!^o^
Just a quick diary update.So today I started  watching "Maid Sama".It's the anime that I've been wanting to watch for so long now,but I never had a chance to watch it because I can't find it in any video shops nearby,and downloading it was so hard for me because I have the slowest connection ever!XD But anyway, now that I have a faster and stable connection I finally able to download all the episodes.Nyaaa!!!~*o* so happy!I saw one episodes of Maid Sama on Animax one time and I got hooked to it.The story  is super cute and so sweet that I fall in love with it!*o* You'll fall in love with the story too if you try watching it.Well that's only-if you like anime.:P I'm still half of the story so I can't tell yet what happens.But so far I'm loving it!~^.^~
Yesterday I tried creating a new makeup look.I played with earth color eye shadows which turned out really nice but then I end up removing all of  my makeup because my eyes started to feel painful and irritated because my eyes were still hurtful from my allergies x.x.I think it's not such a good idea to play with my makeup when you have an eye problem o.o.So I have no choice but to go back to bed zzzzzz that's boring. I promise to share the picture when I already made a new look.And oh!I will also try to make a maid sama's look because Misaki and I have the same hair cut and hair color.It won't be too hard to cosplay it i  think.hihi^^  bb *waves~I'll go watch the next episodes!=)
Have a great day!
~Love mimiஐღ 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Palty Hair Dye~I need you to choose a color for me please!^_^

Hello dolls!^o^
For this past few months I've been tempted to dye my hair.Blonde,ash brown or something that would look cute on me.I tried on getting the opinion of my friends, fb friends and family but they all disagree with the idea of dying my black hair.They say I look good with my black hair but I wanted something new =.= but then I'm scared too! O.o because long before I already dyed my hair and for some time it gets dry and I had to have it cut.So I don't really know...Maybe you can help me out? =)  

I searched on Youtube and  found out about this Palty Hair dye which is currently popular in Asia.I guess I'm so late to know about this hair dye?^.^ I also found out that this hair dye is meant for Asian hairs, because this hair color contains bleaching ingredient which makes it easier to dye dark asian hairs.o.o That actually explains why I can't get the color I wanted when I used Revlon hair dye before- because I should have bleached my hair first before dyeing it!O.O ~ (I'm so noob >.<)

Gosh this colors were soooo cute!!!*o* like Barbie dolls~
 Oh and one reason why I like to dye my hair is because of Tsubasa Masuwaka.She make's me feel like "When I dye my hair I would look like her!"hahaha *o* (I wish!!!):P
Can you help me out please?
What color do you think would look good on me?
Diary Update!
Here's my natural hair and hair color.It's black and brown black in different lighting.Btw Did you notice something? My eyes were bumpy~I have big eye bags~ Like Park Bom's eyes!O.O Well I think it looks cute in the picture but it hurts in real life!:( I've been sick for a week now-I'm having my allergies and part of my eyes were affected.I just took a picture because I thought it would be nice to at least have a souvenir of Park Bom's eyes.#_#

I know you would wonder why I'm staying this late, it's already midnight!But before going to bed I decided to write up something.I really missed blogging.I will check everyone's post tomorrow ^_^ but I'll go to bed now, because I don't want my eyes to get more bumpy it would look horrible I think!@_@
~Bye bye!^.^

~Love mimiஐღ 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

88 Eye Shadow and 66 Lip Color Palettes

88 palette with mirror

Hello dolls!^_^I want to share my story with you~ But just skip it if you think it's too long!XD
 When I started my makeup collection.(And I'm still startingXD) 
I know that some of you who will be reading my post right now have already gone through this situation where in...At first I started liking makeups, then I start watching beauty gurus on YouTube, Browsing on sephora and other sites for makeups and beauty products,Searching for good deals and discounts of makeups, reading magazines about beauty secrets,buying makeups.etc..etc.. And I've been through all this and I still am getting more and more addicted, which is why I asked my mom "is this normal?". "Yes, it's a part of a women's life"- you'll get more addicted. she replied to me.

I read beauty bloggers posts about makeups and that's when I started to make my own blog too!^_^ I joined a bloggers by creating a makeup look.And my first makeup look was "awful"XD well that's what my brother said. >.> He told me that "my face was so white,my eye shadows where messed up and that I'm to glittery" hahaha!I was sad but then I realized that its a part of learning and that I don't own any makeup or eye shadows to play with. O.o sooo long story... but hey that's how I got my first Eye Shadow Palette!(if you DON'T want to see the first look I created DON't  browse on my old postsXD)
Up until now I continue to like makeup and still buying makeups.I'm just happy that my family and friends were very supportive, because every time they buy me something, It's related to makeup!XD

Back to the topic!^^
Here's the 88 Eye Shadow palette that I'm using to create different looks.I received this one from my brother.(I guess he gifted me this to me so He won't see me with a glitter I shadow I used before.hmp!)I don't know which website he bought this from but I believe there's a lot of palettes similar to this that you can find  in any online stores like for example~Coastal Scent, Ebay or Amazon.And this would not cost you a lot of money.=)

88 Eye Shadow palette-mixed of matte and satin colors
The Case Cover~ It's super shiny ( you could see my shirt on it)*o*
And here's some swatches =)
I bought a  66 lip color Palette from Dollface Cosmetics 
Here's how the packaging looks like.And the Makeup case is not shiny.But It's a good case!There's dollface name on the side which I think looks nice.I like their brand name^^
A LOT of lip colors to choose from-From dark pigmented to light lipstick color.
There's also glosses with glitters ^^

I have tested some of this already but I'm saving the colors for my later makeup looks to share.hihi ^o^
Colors that I like from this palette
The pink ones <3
Metallic blue,Gold
White and maroon.
I have little tips to those who want to start their makeup collection ^_^  And for those who want to start their makeup collection but low on budget?~Read =)

Tip#1-Own a palette with a lot of colors to choose from~buy some palettes like this because it's worth it!^^
You could use it for practicing and creating different looks. and It's an inexpensive makeup.But of course if you could buy something expensive or better palettes why not? It's your own choice^_^
Tip#2 Read blogs and reviews  about  the makeup you want to buy and see what they say about it- But remember that not everything they say and works good on them will work for you.

Tip#3 Always invest on good brushes~>.< Yeah I always hear this! BUT what if you don't have the money to buy those expensive brushes? Well... you could always use your fingers!haha Just kidding =) There are shops online that sells good brushes and doesn't cost so much.For sure you'll find one from reading reviews^^
Tip#4 Have a cabinet, boxes, or makeup organizer to put all your makeups.They are your precious treasures now.You don't want them to break, or having little kids play on them!And because you are just starting you don't want to loose something you just bought right?:( Keep them safe! (I know this because I have a little angel devil that visit's my room sometimes!(my sister's little girl)XD
~also this will keep your makeup table clean =)
Tip#5 Have a favorite brand~ Mine was Etude House- A korean brand makeup^_^
In my opinion, Having a favorite brand will help you to complete your makeup set, without making you buy a lot of unwanted makeup from different brands~Which is a lot of waste!>.<
You'll think it's hard but if you could go out shopping~There are makeup shops that allows you to try their makeup =) Try them and see which will suit your taste and will be good for you.

Well that's it!This is what I did and It helped me to invest on products I really wanted.I hope that this litte tips will be helpful to you.And if you have other tips to share, suggestions please leave a comment below.I would love to hear them!^_^
Thank you for visiting!^^
~Love mimiஐღ 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

DollFace Makeup Brush Set in PINK!!!^_^

Hello everyone!^o^
Today I just want to share with you the new brush set that I got.Yay for the pink brush set!I really really love that it's pink (even just the case, it already made me happy).It's so soft and my bf got me this so I really really like it.*o* One of my xmas wishlist was a pink brushe set, I actually forgot about that already but yeah he still bought it even it's already late.:3 I'm so happy thank you!^_^( I noticed that I keep typing the word "really" so much!hahaXD

This is from Dollface Cosmetics.I was very impressed with their costumer service, and I'm glad that I received my package in good condition!^_^

The Case is in pearl pink color.I love the case *o*
 The brushes were made of squirrel and synthetic bristles.I found out that Synthetic brushes works really well with liquid foundation THAN using natural hair brushes because natural hair bristles will just absorb your foundation.O.O And...that Squirrel brushes were the softest animal hair and the most expensive type of makeup brush.But were lucky that we only got this for only $20 ^^(I'm really against animal killing though>.<) source: google

I got 12 pcs of brushes which includes
A powder brush and blush brush
 Concelear brush
 Large, Medium and Small eye shadow brushes
 Pencil brush,angeled eyeliner/brow brush,precise eyeliner brush,lipstick brush
 Eyeshadow brush/comb,spooly
I'm happy that I got really good quality brushes.They are bigger than how it looks like on the pictures.They're like professional brushes.O.O I'm surprised about that too!Even my mom likes it.These were actually the one's I used to apply for my makeup look  last time. But of course I'm still wanting to get a branded brushes like MAC or Sigma.I heard  a lot about this brushes and I bet they work really good.It's just that I can't have it because it's too expensive for me.x_X And I hope that by the time I could afford them, MAC would have a pink brush collection!:3 I know that sigma has already released they're new brushes in color pink and that's why I joined the contest hoping to win that!XD
Thank You for visiting!Have a great day!^_^

~Love mimiஐღ 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Yakiniku,Ktv,Zoo etc,~Lots of FUN!

Hello everyone!^_^
I'm just going to make a quick post about what happened to me last week while I was away.We went to Kubo kubo Tagaytay's KTV to celebrate my brother's wedding anniversary.~Yakiniku style :) We cook our own food and have a bowl of rice,soup ,a vegetable salad and fruits .
 After eating we sing a lot in KTV~ :) Karaoke  It was fuN!^^

The next day I prepared for another fun adventure with my family.
We went to Avilon Zoo in celebration of my newphew's "high"grades in school XD
Here's some pictures I took.I only uploaded the cute animals that I liked^_^
Rabbits *o* of course this are super cute for me!
 The lion rabbit *.* I want one of this!
 The birds are free, they have no cages and just stay on the branches :) They will let you pose with them but once they're on the branch they will bite you if you try taking them.XD
@_@ scary...I feel like it wants to eat me.
I wonder if he's looking at me because I'm a pink leopard XD
 This is the first time I hold a huge snake and I was so scared!>.< It's sooo heavy too. The good thing is that, it doesn't smell.XD
This monkey is super sweet!^_^ I thought I'll be scared but he is behave.
and funny too!^^
Then I met this cute big and fluffy doggie*o* So kawaii!!!
And a cute bear cat!^o^ believe it or not -this cat is super sweet.It  kissed me and my sis on my cheeks O.O
And he hugged my sister too.*o*
The guys holds the bear cat because he hugs and it's claws can be hurtful o.o
I really like going to Ark Avilon.The place is like a big ship :) Just a mini zoo but I had fun inside because some of the pets can be touched .^_^ and I was able to touch a sheep!meee!XD

After that we went to Tien De Sitas to eat and we watched a native Philippine dance.They are great performers!
That's all ^o^ I went back home tired but happy!:) It's always fun to go out with family.^_^
 Thanks for visiting!^_^
Have a great day!

~Love mimiஐღ 


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