Wednesday, December 29, 2010

YAY for the year of the RABBIT!!!

So tell me,Is he sleeping or Eating?@_@
This is Bibbit^^
Are you excited for the year 2011-The year of the Rabbit?^_^  I bet we all are!!! I can't wait to celebrate the new year's party together with my friends and family and I'm also very excited  to see what's going to happen next year.What will be the next fashion trend, and the new beauty products that will be introduced to us.^^
Random @_@
~I already packed all my things, I'm leaving again to go to my brother's place for new year's party.I hope I could blog there.:)
~Oh and my mom promised me that she'll buy me a new rabbit next year! :)
~Diary Update
I'd like to thank my friend Maku for bringing his cute pet yesterday.I was pretty sick and had no internet connection at all >.>( it was soooo boring!) I'm just so glad that this cute guinea pigs made my day and I'm able to forget all of that because they're so adorable!haha now I know now why they're called guinea "pigs", they really do make little "oink" sounds hehehe ^o^

It's so cold and raining today and I'm still sick v.v~But I still went out to buy this Globe Tatoo-It's a USB internet connection( because I don't have connection).This is pretty cool because I could bring this anywhere~just plug it in a computer, and viola! instant connection and it's reloadable better that going to internet cafe/internet shop.So far it's giving me the speed I wanted although it's not stable.I have heard a lot of good and bad feedbacks about this provider.It sometimes gives me a fast connection, sometimes its super slow =.=' But I think it really depends on the location.So I have no complain because it's inexpensive. It's about 1245php or $20.I'm lucky because they have a promo I got a free internet connection for 1 week +2k free texts.:)
I also bought Ponds cold cream.My sister  recommended this to me, I have tested her's and it was a really good make up remover, and leaves my skin soft and hydrated.
I bought some Etude House items that I'll be posting up tomorrow :) 
Wow I can't believed I already have 101 friends here on blogspot!!!^_^ I'm very happy!!!
Thank you so much for following me, for the love and care.You all make me happy *o*
 It means so much to me♥
Thank you for reading and for all your lovely comments^_^

~Love mimiஐღ 


Rin~ちゃん ♥ 김혜린 said...

cute photos ^^ next year would be my year...hehehe...rabbit rabbit~

Venus In Virgo said...

Great photos! That bunny is so cute! have a fun time at your brothers place and stay safe. I think that broadband device is pretty neat. You have to pay a monthly service fee for that right?

Clover said...

I love the pets!! They are soo cute!
sleeping and eating... what a great life^^ In my next life I will be a cute rabbit xD and then I hope that a cute lady like mimi will come to adopt me^___^

I'm crazy, hm?^^

Toni Tralala said...

Your rabbit is adorable! <3 The guinea pigs freaked me out a tad since I haaate rodents! Technically, a rabbit is too but it doesn't look like it, right?

I guess I'm just not an animal person. lol.

Congratulations on reaching 100! I thought you were Korean. You don't look Filipina!

I'm inviting you to join my international giveaway. Come and participate if you're interested! :)

Toni Tralala said...

Thank you for joining my giveaway! I'm following you now. <3

☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Yay!! Bunny year!!! \(^w^)/♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

I never touched a guinea pig before.. How does it feel?? (O.O )

Anyway, I already made your mouse drawing that you've requested from me a week ago.. Do you want to put your name below/above it? (^_~) Reply me ASAP!! o(^O^)o

☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

゚・*:.。..。.:*・゚Comment replied゚・*:.。..。.:*・゚

Nah, even I cut my hair but it still have the curls so I think I won't change my bunny logo unless the perm effect fades away! Bwahahaha! (^O^)

Anyway this is the mouse with my watermark on it... (If you want it without watermark just tell me okay! But make sure to credit me *winks*)

And I'll draw the mouse with eye-patch today!


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