Thursday, December 2, 2010

My perfect Imperfections

I've seen this tag going around on youtube and blogs so I decided to post one myself.I will have to list down 3 things about myself that I consider imperfections and 3 things that I like about myself.I have more than 3 things that I dislike about myself  :/ but I need to list down 3 only.

Let's start of with my Imperfections...
1.My skin- I have a very sensitive skin on my face.I don't understand why my skin is like this.I have open pores and no matter how many times I go for treatments-It can't promise to stay perfect forever. (well atleast it helped a lil bit)XD 
My solution:BB cream helped a lot to hide my blemishes,and make my face looks whiter.^^
-concealer is the best for hiding pimple marks and unwanted scars on face.
-Right angle + Right lighting =great shot ;) heehee

2.Dark spots-like knees and elbows =.= whitening lotions that promises to help whiten it didn't worked.I'm really jealous of girls with very pinkish knees and elbows like babies.but what can I do I was born like this so I just have to deal with it! :) 
My solution:I still proudly wear skirts-act like nobody's looking!*o*

3.Perfect smile- how I wish!:/ You will notice that I always smile with my mouth close all the time in my pictures, It's because I'm really shy to show my teeth =/ - It's not perfect.
My solution: I smile just like this- :) and not like this- :D  ^^
I am planning to get braces but I wonder when I'll be able to... =.=

Even though sometimes my imperfections annoys me,I have find solutions to at least lessen my worries about it and with all these I gained confidence :)

My Perfections:
1.Eyes- I love my eyes!People sometimes asks if I'm wearing circle lenses because it's naturally big XD 
2.Hair- Ok.I know that my hair is not so good because it's not even silky straight nor have the cutest curls.But this is something I think that is perfect.I have never grew my hair this long before and it makes me happy to see it reached this length And still waiting for it to grow even longer :)
3.Body-I'm not sexy. But I am still proud of the body I have right now because I could wear the clothings that I want to wear and it's very easy for me to find clothings that will fit my body size.:)
We all know that no body is perfect but in spite of that, we have learned to accept it.Today, we find ways to hide our flaws and imperfections in our body with makeup,picture editing and sometimes,other's would even go for a plastic surgery.
If we want our eyes to look bigger- we could use contact lenses,For short hairs-we could use hair extensions,we could even wear wigs if we want to look differently,and If we have dark skin-there are whitening products etc...all of these for the sake of beauty.
But These also doesn't mean that we are trying to be fake or we are trying to change who we are.We all just want to be beautiful and be presentable.I don't see anything bad about it :) Just as long as it makes us happy and we don't harm anyone by doing it,then there's nothing wrong with it.This is our way of living our lives to the fullest  ~well...that's what i think ^o^

Have a great day!^^
~Love mimiஐღ


Venus In Virgo said...

I enjoyed reading your post :) Thanks for sharing XOXO

Anonymous said...

привет, тема


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