Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Just another Pink's to add in my collection~*.*~

Hello dollies!^_^ 
Today, I will share to you some of the cute items I purchased recently.^_^  "Cute and PINK" that I don't want to miss sharing it with you.
I got a Hello kitty's face mirror.It's also available in white color, I chose this one because it's pink-my favorite color.It's a very nice mirror.I could see my whole face on it.I have placed this on my computer desk table~so that I could see my face while I'm playing games.XD
I am planning on getting a pink makeup table and pink whole body mirror next time because I don't have those yet >.< I thought before that I don't really need one.But I think it's nice to have a makeup table right?^^
Next is,My new favorite brushes! I bought this unbranded brushes.It's really super soft!*.* So, I have added this in my pink makeup brushes collection.I like it's 2 tone color.The  tip of it has a soft pinkish color.The brush handle is made up of wood but it's light :) and the handle color is pretty too.Don't you think?
Some cute makeup sponges.It's soft ^.^~ I'm collecting pink makeup sponges too.:3 lol
But I still want to have this beauty blender pink sponge I saw on amazon.:( It's so cute i think.And the color too >.< I should have added this on my christmas wishlist!
Beautyblender, The Ultimate MakeUp Sponge Applicator, 1 sponge.
I also got this Double Eye Glue~ I still have no idea how to use this.But I know it's for creating a double and single eyelid.o.o I just bought it because the bottle is cute and pink.XD lols
 Omigosh! I don't know why I'm getting really excited about Christmas (Even I don't celebrate it) :3 I got presents coming!weeeeeeee!!! (haha I sounded like a kid XD) but anyway, It's just nice to know that  I will receive presents this christmas.^_^

This coming saturday, I will go shopping for makeups again.And it's going to be Etude House makeups-my favorite brand.Their makeups are gentle on my skin and always have a cute packaging.:3
Thank you for reading!^_^
~Love mimiஐღ


Kaitlynn said...

omg those are the cutest pink makeup brushes I have ever seen! I have been hunting for some, my entire bathroom is hot pink and white stripes! So I wanted my cosmetic tools to match :) haha great finds!

Venus In Virgo said...

Cute cute cute ^;^ I want those brushes XOXO

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I love that you buy things just because they are pink because I totally do that too. As soon as I see something pink I lose all focus on anything else and head for the pink!
That mirror is too cute. I am in love.

P o o p e r said...

Not only do you buy good make up products but they always come in pretty appearances!

Can't wait to see what you'll buy from Etude House! :D

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

Such cute goodies! ^^

Clover said...

wow! all the stuff is sooo cute!
I love it! I also like pink ^____^
I would like to go shopping with you, honey!

☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

OMG the Hello Kitty face mirror looks so cute! o(>w<)o And I love pink as well (^_~)*winks*

Kelly_konomi said...

super cute!! kyaaa!!!
i love the brushes!!

Anonymous said...

Those brushes are really gorgeous ! Great find ! I'm always on the look out for really good brushes but I think I might settle on hakuhodo ones.


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