Saturday, December 11, 2010

I'm a delivery girl!o.o

"Haha!Now the drivers will definitely stop while I'm crossing the street!"^o^
Hello dollies!I missed everyone!I missed visiting each blog and leaving them comments. I've been busy this week that I had no time to post. So today I will update my diary  and I'll share to you what had happened to me this past few days.

Neon Wednesday~
 I became a delivery girl!Yeah you read it right.^_^ It was a really busy Wednesday delivering orders and assisting costumers in my lil shop.Then I had to deliver contact lenses orders to friends.Our maid was absent so no one's helping my mom :(
If you read my old post you would know that I'm really scared of crossing the street. So I thought wearing something bright would help me to cross easier, because the drivers would stop.I'm just kidding!XD
Anyways, It was successful and I came back alive as you can see!!!^o^

I found some neon earrings similar to the color of mine.You can click the picture to check the site :)
Yellow Neon UV Brass Knuckle Earrings
Orange Neon UV Brass Knuckle Earrings
Bling Hoop Pink Neon Earrings

Sugar BerryThursday~
 I'm was supposed to be girly -girl because it's church day :( but I wasn't able too.Because I was late.Btw, this is how I look without a makeup and circle lenses^_^ but makeup and circle lenses really make a big difference right?:3 Today also I went to deliver orders :3
I look really big with my shirt(~.~,) Nothing special just shirt and pants :)
heart padlock and key bracelet
Yesterday a friends asked me if I could help her dress up for her x-mas party.Hair and makeup and a total makeover.So yesterday I went shopping with her to buy shoes,clothings and accessories.x.x I wished I could show you the pictures before and after her makeover~:( but because it  was a rush, I totally forgot about it !>.< sorry~
Today is Saturday for me. And as I have planned I will go shopping for my makeups in Etude House :) So I will go now and prepare.Talk to you  later ladies!:) Have fun blogging!

~Love mimiஐღ


Mickey said...

Its been a while since I've commented on your blog.
BTW love your heart bracelet.

Clover said...

ahhh mimi!
So cute items again....
and I love the shirt! <3

It sad that you forgot to make some before/after pictures^^
I like those pictures, because it shows us how wonderful makeup can be^^ for us girls xD
it doesn't matter. ^^

hope your little bunny is fine.

Venus In Virgo said...

Cute bracelet :) Dont feel rushed XOXO

Melody said...

YOU LOOK SO CUTEEEEE WITHOUT MAKEUP STIILLL ;)! And heheh the berry shirt is so adorable.

You look so young without the makeup / wearing the hairbow and the strawberry clip ! ^-^

P o o p e r said...

You're always so pretty in your pictures! ^__^ <333

That's really great that you were able to cross the street! D: I HATE crossing streets alone ... I've done it a few times but I usually get very nervous and scared. lol


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