Friday, December 17, 2010

DIY: Paint it PINK!

I was planning on buying a pink mirror and disposing the old mirror that I'm using.It's painted in gold and I like it but seeing the same old color every day  makes me tired of looking at it.=.=
So yesterday I decided to color it pink!

My old mirror
I also found an small cabinet that I don't use,which I think would be useful makeup storage.^.^
 So I prepared all the needed things...paint brush,old new papers and paints...
 I mixed the red paint with the white.mix it till I get the pink scheme that I wanted.
 waited till it dries...
wait wait
Nice and pink!^o^
I always wanted to buy a pink makeup table but I can't find any where here, so I'm still trying to be creative to have my own personalized makeup table lols.Although I can't paint the table pink because it's my mom's.#_#
This is also my first time painting something hehe.
with a flash so that you could see it better.
So What do you think dolls?
Any suggestions of what else I could add?:3 maybe Rhinestones on it?^o^

I'm planning on changing the color of my window railings next...hmm or  maybe change my room color?0.0

Thanks for taking the time to read my posts.I really  appreciate it.^_^ 
Have a nice day! 

~Love mimiஐღ


Bibi said...

Oh how great how you painted it ^^ It's so much cheaper (and satisfying) than buying a new one, I deco stuff all the time ^^ You can use rhinestones, but also ribbons, or cute patterns you paint on, garlands, little plushies... All sorts of things! Please do show us a picture of what it looks like if you decide to deco it!

Anonymous said...

O yeah i like it too i found doing things your self then buying at the store comes out alot cheaper and sometimes either the same quality or better i like how you painted everything very talented

FunnyFaceBeauty said...


♥Mishi à la mode♥ said...

wow great job! love the DIY creativity... everything looks great.

I think adding some lace and pearl beads would make it even more princess-esque. =)

you have such a cute blog^_^

Clover said...

sooooooooo cute!
I love it! Very good idea to paint it pink <3
and it fits your style^^

Venus In Virgo said...

Now it matches! I use to do artsy stuff like this all the time, I need to craft more. XOXO

Ken said...

omg its so pink!


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