Thursday, November 11, 2010

New shoes New collection!*.* ~Diary Update

Hello dolls!^_^ Today I will share to you this Tiramisu shoes that my sister bought me.
I really love the leopard print because I know that this print is popular right now.The pink, yellow, blue color on prints just made it looks so cute*.*
This high heels is very comfortable to wear and it looks really elegant.I love it!^^
~Here's a close up for you to see the texture~
I promised to post the picture of this shoes before in my older post.So here it is^
I saw Sandara Park wearing this kind of shoes in one of her videos.
It won't be exactly the same but the style is like this.
This is Parisian brand.I like the style and the studs on it made it look so punkish.. 

FYI:Did you know that I am addicted to shoes?o.o It's actually my weakness^o^
I have a shoe collection,But we have a hot temperature here, That's why it's really hard to keep them in good condition.
Diary Update
Yesterday: I went to Lynderm to get a facial, diamond peel and spa.I had a reservation last week,I got their 20% discount on all services and 50% for machine treatment.Which is a very big discount!If you're wondering how much it cost me in dollars, It is less than $20.This is my third time going there and they never fail me..This is one thing I love in the place where I live in, The services here are always cheap.I know many Japanese friends who comes here just to get spa, massages and sauna baths.o.o
Today:I went out to pay some bills, and you know what, I can't cross the street!=.= I end up asking someone to help me cross because I'm really scared of the vehicles.I think this is one of my greatest fears.X_X The only way I could cross bravely is when I'm with someone. XD
I was planning on going to my best friend's house too but I end up going home instead,because I had to cross another street just to go there x.x ugh! also I remembered that the dermatologist says I can't go out yet because I just had dp, So I can't expose myself to sunlight.So for this week I will stay in the house for the whole time like a vampy >.<
My mom and my brother's birthday is so near that I'm having trouble thinking what to give! no no actually not my mom, because it's really easy to find a gift for girls.But for guys, Argh!X_X  It's always a pain in the toot toot* haha ~  Are you having a hard time finding gifts for guys too?
This is the gift I chose for my brotherThe first time I saw this I remembered him .XD This cat looks weird and unique.It's useful too because it's candle lamp.I bet this will be a good display in his room.
He looks like the cheshire cat in Alice and Wonderland right?@_@
The cat's head has decorative holes that reminds me of a  halloween Jack O' Lantern pumpkin. but this one is made of metal.The body is made of porcelain..I hope he'll like my gift.:)
Today I had the chance to post because my sister lend me her camera *.* she's so nice~
Thank you for reading and for your lovely comments ^^
Have a great day!

~Love mimiஐღ


Bibi said...

Oh I love the animal print shoes! They're beautiful ^.^

How awful and inconvenient you can't cross the street... Do you know why? Is it some sort of trauma? Or did it just... happen?

The cat lamp looks funny =^.^= I'm sure your brother will think so too, and he'll like it because it really is something guys like ~ I think? (besides elektronical gadgets of all sorts...) (you can clearly guess I don't often buy gifts for men... -___-)

siwing said...

so pink and lovely !! ^_^

P o o p e r said...

YOU HAVE SUCH GREAT TASTE. <3333 Your shoes are so cute! *A*
I keep staring at the first and second pair.

Oh wow, spa's over there are cheap! o_o I think they're a bit pricey over here, but I'm not too sure.

Yeah! Guys are a lot harder to find gifts for. :\ Girls have a lot of options like makeup, accessories, etc. Guys I guess are more, picky? xD The black cat ornament is adorable, I think you're brother will like it a lot.

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

I'm loving the shoes! ^-^

Clover said...

I'm totally into shoes and these ones are soooooo cute!
I love your taste, mimi!

Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

love the leopard pattern shoes :-)

~*NeNe*~ said...

wow!! i totaly love your shoes!!!!<3

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may all your wishes come true!

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