Thursday, November 25, 2010

My First Xmas Wishlist❉

My first XMas Wishlist~
Why my first?~ To be honest..I don't  have /never celebrated/never had experienced Christmas before. Because I have a different religious belief .I don't regret it but for this year, My bf asked me to list down everything I wanted for Christmas.:) He said that maybe "my wish could come true" hihihi :3 (this doesn't mean that I am trying to go against my beliefs, this is just for fun)^^
~Last year my wish was "pet society cash coins" and it came true!!!
my bf bought me like 4k in game money which made me so happy^.^woohoo! this time here's my wishlist: (haha I got more wishes!)XD

Sony Cybershot camera dsc tx9- He said that he will gift this for me :) so I got this x on my list now(I got very happy to know that I will have this because like I said on my older post I really wanted a new camera ^^)

GHD Pink Limited Edition box set (hair straightening Iron)  check this link to the website,and you'll see this hair straightening set is really cute!~^.^~

Really cute pink brushes from pretty and cute.or any kind of brush sets~I need this for my makeup practice :3

clarisonic pink-a very nice color!^.^

sleek good girl- I like this pallete so much!*_*
You will notice that all of the things on my list were color pink XD.Simply because I love color pink ^.^

How about you?Have you list down your Xmas Wishes too?^_^

~kk I have to go to bed now.It's really pretty late for me.Oyasumi!~ ^^,
Have a great day/Good night everyone!
~Love mimiஐღ


siwing said...

everything is so girly and pink ! ^_^ hehe. yay for camera!! i remember you wanting a pink camera in your earlier post..

if you don't mind me asking, what is your religion?

i don't mean it in a negative way or don't think i am trying to judge you.. cause i'm not! i'm just a bit curious.. if you are not comfortable telling me, that is fine too =)

Clarisonic said...

What a great wish list! We are so pleased you included Clarisonic on your list and especially the pink! Stop by our Facebook page for a chance to win a Clarisonic every week through the holiday season Happy Holidays from Clarisonic!

priincess emily said...

Great Christmas list! :) i want the GHD Pink straightening iron as well! :)

Clover said...

all the items are so cute! I love pink <3
very adorable wish list^^

Kaitlynn said...

what a great list!! I would love any of those as well. what a sweet bf you have :)

Bibi said...

Good night hun!
I loved reading your Xmas list! I don't have the habit of writing down a Christmas list either, simply because at our place, we celebrate it with a family dinner and something really small (like a key chain or something), no real big gifts...
How great your boyfriend asked you to do this! That's so sweet of him...^^

sssdawna said...

the clarisonic is on my black friday list!

hopefully you can show us if you get the ghd and sleek palette, how fun!
: )

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I love how everything is PINK!!! I love PINK.
Hope you get everything you want and more :)
We celebrate x-mas every year but apparently are doing no presents this year so my wish list doesn't really matter.

Bibi said...

Hehe, hun, I think I've seen all possible Ghibli-movies ^^ And I like every single one of them, but I like Howl best because, well... who wouldn't want a Howl in her life?

I laughed after reading the story about your brother! I hope what you're Mom says is true ^^ But I really like kids, and I can't help but smile whenever I see one...

Haha, I'm kind of trying to keep my real name a secret from the Internet, at least, for now I try... So I can't really tell you my name. Maybe one day I'll 'reveal my true name' but for now I'll just be Bibi... Hope you don't mind?

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

my hubby and i make holiday wishlists every year. i believe in getting people the things they want for the holidays, so a list makes the most sense. some times i do stray from the list though to add a surprise gift.

i want that clarisonic too! super cute in pink.


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