Monday, November 22, 2010

Detroit Metal City

Wow! I can't believe I fall in love with the movie "Detroit Metal City" live.Another great film that made my day ^o^At first I thought that the story isn't that interesting but as I continue watching it,l I noticed that the main actor was also one of the characters in Death Note  named "L"!!!O.O ( another popular japanese manga) 
This movie made me laugh out loud!!! as in "LOL"XD It's very funny!Great music,great performance and a really nice story.I recommended this to all of my friends, and all of them who watched, liked it too.
Ok please don't be scared or have a second thought after seeing this picturesXD Because I know, I felt the same way too the first time I've seen his face.But then  I found the reason why he looks like this.I won't be telling anything that happen about this movie because  I don't want to spoil it for anyone who wants to try watching it.^^ 
Did you know that I don't like it when people say what happens to the movie I haven't seen?That's one reason why I don't like to read reviews/spoilers.I watch it first before reading it.>.< so what I'm doing right now is recommending some great films I already finished watching without  a review XD lol.
No Music No Dream...

~Pictures are from google~
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~Love mimiஐღ


Clover said...

it seems to be an interesting movie^^

yes, I don't like it either to see spoilers/reviews of movies before...

Bibi said...

You make the movie look interesting... Eventhough it looks a bit... weird, to say the least. Now I'm tempted to check out some trailers!! -- I guess you succeeded in promoting the film on your blog!

Venus In Virgo said...

You have a great blog! Now following you, care to follow me back XOXO

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Not going to lie, the movie looks a little frightening.
I am the opposite of you I read spoilers for tv shows and movies all the time.

P o o p e r said...

I keep seeing DMC everywhere! (Detroit Metal City) First I had a friend and her boyfriend recommend me the manga, then I have this other friend of mine who recommended the anime and now you're recommended the live action in which I didn't know that there was one! XD

I'm going to definitely check out DMC once I have the time. ;-;

Bibi said...

Waa Mimi! Thanks for leaving me so many messages ^.^ And thank you for following me! I'm very happy now ^.^

Also, thank you for the compliments! I like my eyes a lot too, my Dad always says the boys will like me just for my eyes, but I haven't noticed that yet ><

Either way: Hurray! You are now a versatile blogger!! I give you the 'versatile blogger'-award, details to be found on the blogpost you obviously already read! ^.^ Congratulations!! You really deserve it, even without me being such a weirdo making people ask for it ><

Ken said...

I just watch this movie. It was great. Especially how Kenichi Matsuyama played the role of Krauser. This movie shows what a great actor he is Its very far from "L" of death note. :D Watch the movie here. Detroit Metal City Movie No spam intended.

kaizokumousy said...

@ken- Yes it's really a great movie :) I love it too ^^

Anonymous said...

very good!


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